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vinced of the great value in certain chronic diseases of die- tetic treatment. Before that time I was, like many others, too credulous as to the power of drugs alone as curative agents in all diseased conditions. The good results so fondly hoped for and expected from that line of treatment did not always appear, and actos generic name the results were often discour- aging and dis.satisfving. In the ordinary text-books no .special Htrcss was laid upon the value of dietetic methods ex<'ept in diabetes and a few other conditions. At that time I had a patient in whom I was especially interested. lie wax thirty years of age, and had been a splendid typo ol pliyKicul iiianliooil, nn athlete, and a gonial conipnnioii. .\s ii actos mg reHiilt of bonriling-lioii.Me conkery, however, he liiid liecDme fear- fully rriiacialed, ami already presented the physical sign." of coii- Holidation at tlie apex of the loft lung. Addeactos price food, wlili^b wore bolb nutritious and eauily iligested, wore gradually adiled to bis dietary, anil after fnllow- ing this line of cost of actos treatment for a few order actos online weeks he iiiade a eoniplete recovery. At this tinio bis riidily cheeks ami elastic stop were ill iiinrkod Runlriuat with his rornier pitiable rondition. The recovery »f tliiH patient under dietetic treatment made a great imprewtion upon me, and aprved tn dirert my attention Ht olicv to the Ntlldv generic actos f dielutieii in diHuiuie. At that time there was seemingly considerable prejudice, as well as lack of knowledge, cheap actos among actos online the members of the pro- buy cheap actos fession with whom I conversed, actos cost as to the value of the die- tetic treatment of phthisis. The dangers of a diet of beef were harped upon as if nothing else caused indigestion. To understand how to treat consumption from a dietetic standpoint, we must first consider what consumption really is. Consumption is a disease of malnutrition in which a change has taken place in the chyle or in the mesenteric glands, thus leading to a want of vital matter in the con- stitution. This is usually the result of bad food, impure air, and an irrational mode of living. The lung structure may be actos buy online still further weakened by inflammatory or other causes. In acute cases there is often a preceding catarrhal pneumonia. Consumption develops most commonly in strumous or scrofulous subjects — struma being an ex- hausted constitutional state, and it is simply another name for starvation actos tablets and bad hygiene. The role which the tubercle bacilli play in phthisis is a secondary one ; there must first be a weakening of the con- stitution. Although I have seen apparently healthy chil- dren born of tuberculous parents, they are far more often tuberculous, showing an hereditary constitutional vice. Tubercular consumption is not a local but a constitu- tional disease, and calls for general treatment. Tubercle bacilli do not and can not cause consumption in a perfectly healthy individual. They only induce disease in persons with lowered vitality, who thus become susceptible to their iufluence. This vulnerability is generally induced bv wrong living, poor food, bad personal hygiene, and causes which lead to exhaustion of the nervous system. Bacterial germs may be found latent in some of the tissues of the body. In consumption they can not develop in the tissues of actos 30 mg the lung until there are a actos 45 mg weakening and decay of its substance. They live and multiply only in diseased tissues. order actos When fermentation occurs during the process of diges- tion different bacteria develop quickly, and in many cases are absorbed into the lymphatics and blood, causing a ca- tarrhal state, and this is probably the first factor in phthi- sis. Practically, "a tendency to consumption" means that there is a kind of starvation of the system, and this condi- tion is best relieved by attention to diet and personal hygiene. Consumptitm is the great destroyer. It causes thou- sands of deaths every year in this city price of actos alone, and there- fore any improvement that can be made in Its treatment ought certainly to be welcomed. The disease is not only communicable and preventable, but in its earlier st-ages, and if not too extensive in all stages, it is curable. That it is not necessarily a fatal di.sea.se, and that it is curable in all stages, I have seen abiinactos 15 mg hospitals and the Hospital for Ineiiraliles on Hlaekwell's Island, I have seen coses wliere there was cicatri/.alioii in the apex of the lungs, showing that the con- sumption hail been arrested either by Nature or the inlor- ferenee of art. It \h snid that persons may have bermlitary tendeneioN tn consumption, but, a.s generic for actos n nile, it is only a weak- ened cunstiliition tlinl is inherited. It is gvnentlly ignorant 428 McOILLICUDDY: THE DIETETIC TREATMENT OF CONSUMPTION. [N. Y. Mud. Joo».,

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