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feeding and wrong living that cause the disease in these individuals. Correct alimentation in this disease is of the greatest importance as a remedial agent. To secure healthy, rich blood for the repair of diseased tissues we must have proper food and a good digestion. Usually the appetite is either depraved or is almost completely lost, so that the amount of nourishment taken by consumptives is often very small. If they have their own way and follow the cravings of a capricious buy albenza and diseased appetite, they will take very little wholesome food. These diseased cravings for indigestible food must be removed before we can expect much improve- ment ; they are indicative can i get albendazole over the counter not only of an unhealthy state of albenza price the digestive tract, but of the whole S3'stem. In the dietetic treatment of this albenza tablets disease there must be a definite plan pursued, and there are some important points which we must ever keep in mind. Wo must pro- cure an effective elimination, not only of the waste products of the body, but of the diseased tissue itself. First we must prepare the digestive tract and the tissues of the body to receive and assimilate the nutriment, and then we must select the most nutritious food and so prepare it that it will be readily assimilated. Consumption is too often con- sidered to be a local disease and treated as such. We must remember to treat the whole system, which is in a patho- logical condition. The most rational method of securing elimination through all the channels of the albenza online body is by stimulating the activity of all the emunctories by the inges- tion of a large quantity of hot water, and by hot sponge- batbs, followed by a vigorous rubbing of the skin. This plan of treatment to be effective must be .systematically car- ried out, and both physician and patient mu.st steadfastly avoid that complete dependence on albendazole albenza drugs which converts the wisest method of treatment albenza 200 mg into blind empiricism. The causation of a disease should be carefully studied, and then by treating the diathesis the consequent disease can be prevented or removed. Most diseases depend for their propagation upon defects of nutrition. These being removed the disease disappears. We must remove the cause, otherwise the disea.se will persist in spite of all treatment, and to albenza 400mg do this a perfectly clear diagnosis is necessary. It is the bringing up of the vitality of the purchase albenza online pa- tient that leads to recovery, as it is a lowering of the vital- ity that is tlie first factor in producing disea.se. Wherever there is vital energy there is resistance to disease. It is a well-known fact that Nature has the power to cure in most cases if we give her the materials to work with, and at the «amc time Htimulate the activity of the emunctorios sudi- cicnlly to buy cheap albenza remove the poisonous waste. The diet for the consumptive must be a scientific diet, baseil on ii knowledge of what the different kinds of food do for the organisni. We must provide, first, for the oxidation generic albenza and (elimination of waste products, and sec- ondly, for Hciciitilic ullmentntiot) with readily absorhcd and readily iistiinilnled tjiitritive materials of the highest grade. There are many factors necr'ssary for the snrccHsful treat- ment of order albenza online consumplioti — ri-st, mental and jihysical, pure dry air, (/entle rxerciKe in tlio NunHliiiM! — all are important; Iml thcHO ore an nothing if the nutrition iloes not recc-ivi! proper cheap albenza attention. A knowledge of dietetics is far more essential to success than a knowledge of drugs in the treat- ment of either acute or chronic disease. order albenza A careful study of the physiology of digestion and assimilation and of the composition and value of the different foods clearly shows us the means by which we are to construct a diet of the greatest utility to consumptives. It would seem as if here- tofore there had been a great lack of definite knowledge as to the construction of diet lists. The usual fault is that mebendazole albendazole over counter there is too great a variety for each meal, and much of it is comparatively difficult of digestion. The best argument in favor of the more enlightened dietetic treatment of con- sumption and of other chronic diseases is to be found in the clinical results. We now know, through a study of physiological chemistry, what foods are of high and what of low nutritive value ; what ones are easily digested and assimilated ; what require special gland elaboration before their nutritive elements can be utilized ; what foods readily ferment, albenza cost and what are the causes of purchase albenza this abnormal change. Of especial value are the proteid or tissue-building foods, and the one which stands at the head of the list, be- cause of its utility in this disease, is beef. It is difficult to show the importance of the .selection of a correct amount of the different classes of food. If a certain class is taken in excess there is imperfect assimilation, and disease slowly but surely results. I have known fatal diabetes to result from excessive indulgence in raisins. Oatmeal mush, fer- menting in the intestines, is a common factor in the pro- duction of nephritis. Malassimilation and the imperfect oxidation of waste products from overfeeding and bad cookery are buy albenza online at the foundation of most of the cases of con- sumption. A vegetable diet contains an injurious amount of the carbohydrates and too little of the proteid element, which, in this combination, is difficult of digestion. That a meat diet, with a small proportion of carbohydrates, is the best food for consumptives has been frequently demon- strated clinically. Milk has not as great a food value as meat because of its greater difficulty of digestion, its prone- ness to ferment from the sugar it contains, its lack of re- parative material — not four can you buy albendazole over counter per cent, of proteids — and the great danger of its being impure. Milk may fatten and keep the patient plump, but fat persons sometimes have tuberculosis, and much of the fat we see is unhealthful.

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