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Bearing in mind the best proportions of the three classes of proximate principles — viz., that the amount of proteids taken should exceed the amount of starchy food and fat — it is proper to consider how these proportions can buy cheap spironolactone be obtained in a most nutritive and assimilable form, so that while the nutrition is brought to the highest point elimination may not aldactone 25 mg be hindered. In the beginning of the treatment the patient should eat nothing sweet, sour, or fried, and starchy and farinaceous foods should he entirely prohibited, with the exception of a small (juantily of stale bread or hoiled rice, purchase aldactone until the digestive and lymph channels arc en- tirely free from the irritating products of fermentation. In consumplion there is always a feeble digestion !inil I're- (piently a low-gnid(! catarrhal and inflammatory sfjitc of the digestive triirl and the glandular a|)pendagea. The infernal administration of hot water will tend to remove this eon- Oct. ti, 1894.] McGILLICUDDY: THE DIETETIC TREATMENT OF COXSUMPTIOX. 429 dition and restore the parts to their normal state. It is not so much that large quantities of food should be taken, but that it should be thoroughly assimilated. The meat should be lean, juicy beef from the center of the round ; and, after all the fat and fiber have been removed, it should be cut into small pieces and passed twice through buy spironolactone online a perfectly lean " Perfection " or "Enterprise" chopper; or it may [•e scraped or even chopped on the block by the butcher. This minute subdivision by grinding or chopping makes it most digestible. Many patients have bad teeth, which fre juentlv infect the food. If the meat is not thoroughly masticated the stomach certainly can not prepare it for ab- 5..rption. It should be kept sterile by handling it with perfectly clean hands aldactone buy only and by cleansing with boiling wat«r every implement it touches. The pulp should now be pressed very gently into cakes from half to three fourths of an inch in thickness. aldactone online If they are made too thick they will be difficult to cook, and they should not be pressed too firmly together, as this makes them less digest- ible and less palatable. The cakes should then be carefully aldactone order broiled over a clear coal fire, or over one free from smoke and blaze, and they should be turned frequently to retain the juice. If desirable, they can be seasoned with a little salt, pepper, or butter. Another method of cooking the beef pulp is to gently simmer it with a small (juantity of water upon the back of the stove for about twenty minutes, or until the aldactone cost meat has turned from the raw red to a delicate pink aldactone tablets color, with a brownish exterior. It should not be allowed to boil, as this coagulates the albumin, turning it a gray color, and making it difficult of digestion. This dish is commonly kn'iwn Hn purchase aldactone online " Scotch collops." When solid food can not be taken on account of fever, properly made aldactone price beef tea, beef peptonoids, or pejitonized milk may be given for a short time ; but the ground beef in small quantity is preferable, and can hardly be called Nolid food. With this meat diet a small quantity of drv, stale bread, two days old, buy cheap aldactone may be taken. It should not ex- ceed in bulk the amount of aldactone mg meat eaten. After a time some vegetubles can be carefully added in small quantity — a mealy cheap aldactone potato, a little boiled rice, boiled hominy, sago, buy aldactone online tapii>ni, or farina gruels ; but our main dej)cndence must be upon the beef. When there is a strong craving for more variety, the dietary may be extended by adding tender Htvnk, lamb, mutton, turkey, game or chicken, Krench |>eas or aldactone 50 mg string bcuns. The succulent vegetables — celery, lettuce, dandelionH, caulillower, and spinach — arc sometimes useful, us they assist in overcoming the buy spironolactone constipation that is fre- quently present. The idiosyncrasies of the patient shouM be Htudied. .Many have aversions to certain wholesome foods, but lliesi' can be UNually overcome by a little judi- riouH training. 'I'here are whole families who can not taste milk in any form. 1 have generic aldactone n patient, n young man of twenty, who can never tiisli- tomatoes — even the odf sliced lomntocH being Mutlirient to make him sick. 'I'liiTe ore other things also, such as iisparaguii and cnulillowcr, wliich it is iinpoHNJlile for him to enl, nml like umu\ •ith- rrs he ran tiol eat Lima benns or yellow beans. .Vrtii-icN having a derided odor are exceedingly distiuitofiil !•> him. He has never eaten butter, and can not take it in any form, either fresh or salt, without it causing excessive nausea. These neuroses, order aldactone online as they may be termed, of the gustatory nerve are often really psychoses and are ex- tremely common. They have frequently to be considered in the treatment of consumption. Many of our ordinary articles of diet are taken as the result of an acquired taste. This is particularly the case with tomatoes, Lima beans, oyster-plant, parsnips, carrots, and turnips. Many persons can not eat butter on bread, even when extremely hungry, without being nauseated. Again, .some indi\-iduals never eat salt while others take inordinate quantities. In these cases there is always digestive derangement, and generally decomposition of starchy, saccharine, and fatty articles of diet. In the foregoing regimen these have been excluded to a great extent. If constipation be present, a little

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