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good liealth. In treating conHiiinption we should _givc more attention to the liver than to the lungs. We should restore the biliary secretion to a lieallliy standard, both as to (juality and quantity. Kroin our Alli 120 Htunrljioint the liver is tlie most iinporlnnl organ, for by lis defective elaboration of food [iroduetH nutrition is inipairecl, and aiuemia aixl iliHCHHe re- sult. Overfeeding and improper feeding lend to imperfect ulalioration and eliniinution by giving the liver and LidncvH too mncli wr)rk to perform. I do not entirely discard milk in all Coupon For Alli cases, but I think too much reliance has been placed upon it alone as a recon- structive tissue food. There are many who say they can not take milk, but the stomach can be trained to receive it and in a short time to relish it. A very small quantity should be given at first. It should be remembered, how- ever, that milk has been shown to contain a number of parasites and bacteria. There is a strong tendency to lose sight of the great underlying principle in medicine, that vital force depends solely upon the nutrition of the tissues, and can only be in- creased by improving the nutrition. The Alli Prices words " starva- tion " and "self-poisoning" from a clinical standpoint are the most important words of all those in the domain of medicine. Both of them signify " decay," and decay is death. Climate and medicines alone will not often cure con- sumption, although they may tend to prevent it. In this disease the increased digestion of nitrogenous food is our sheet anchor, and when this is inadequate there is no ar- resting the progress of the malady. There are certain forms of consumption which, when well advanced, are be- yond dietetic Alli Uk or medicinal aid, but there are other and more common types which are readily curable. Even in cases where the lungs are much involved the progress of the disease can be Coupon Alli permanently arrested. While nothing gives such good results as careful dietetic treatment, aided by medicines, a careful preparation of the digestive tract and its appendages should not be omitted. This not only removes catarrhal and inflammatory states, but gives tone and strength to fhe muscular and nervous systems, stops diarrhoea, nausea, and fever, restores the appetite, and in- creases and Price Of Alli enriches the blood supply. Climate is often a great aid Alli Sale to such treatment, and when combined with other hygienic treatment brings back hcakh and vigor to many a hopeless consumptive. Where much lung tissue has been destroyed, it frequently arrests Alli Coupons the disease, even though it is impossible to entirely cure it. Pure Atmosphere. — Alli Price All dietetic, general, tonic, or other treatment is useless unless there is a plentiful supply of pure air. Pure air is a great stimulant to the appetite and digestion. The rooms occupied by the sick one should therefore be Alli In Canada carefully vsntilated without producing draughts, and in cold weather should be Alli For Sale filled with a genial warmth. The patient should be out of doors as much as Alli On Line possible wIhii the weather is not too Alli Coupon severe. Exercise. — (Jentle exercise, without fatigue, has a very beneficial effect upon nutrition by stimulating the action of the heart, accelerating the circulation, and increasing the respiration. It thus increases the oxidation of waste prod- Alli Canada ucts and leaves room for the assimilation of nutriment. For the weak, a daily carriage ride is benoHcial, and Alli On Sale for those who can not afford tUis the street ears can be util- ized. IJoat rides on bays, lakes, or rivers, and sea voyages arc also often very beneficial ; but the sick one must be well wrap[ped ii]). I'or those who Alli Shop are able, walking in mod- eration is a very iisc^fiil form of exercise. liiithiiKj. — The skin should nssisl in the work of climi- natiori nii
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