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money, not cheap amoxil less than $500,000, to be devoted to the amoxil order estab- lishment of State camps, sanitaria, hospitals, and dispen- saries for the tuberculous sick amoxil 875mg of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and (2) for the setting aside of portions of the State Forestry Reserve with a view to accommodating the buildings that may be deemed necessary for the care of tuberculous patients, and for their scientific study and treatment. Further, be it Resolved, That the president of this society be author- ized and instructed to appoint a committee of three from the membership of the society to cooperate with similar committes that may be appointed from other societies in urging upon the legislature the need of State purchase amoxil aid in the suppression of tuberculosis. The North Branch of the Philadelphia County Medical Society elected Dr. A. B. Hirsh, chairman, and Dr. T. Tur- ner Thomas, clerk, for the ensuing year. The West Philadelphia Branch elected Dr. Herman B. .Allyn, chairman, and C. A. E. Codman, clerk, for the com- ing year. GENERAL The Buildings of the New Hampshire School amoxil 875 for Feeble Minded Children, which were recently burned, are to be rebuilt as soon as possible. Leflore County, Miss., Medical Society. — This society has elected the following officers for the ensuing year: President, Dr. S. A. Eggleston, of Shellmoinid; vice-president, Dr. J. H. Lucas, of Greenwood ; secretary-treasurer. Dr. D. S. Humphreys, of Greenwood ; censor. Dr. S. 500mg amoxil L. Brister, of Greenwood. Dr. Francis Edgerton, of Middletown, Conn.,^ died on January 19th, amoxil price aged 67 years. He was a graduate" of Weslcyan University and Columbia College, and was a former president of the Con- necticut 3.1edical Society. amoxil generic During the civil war Dr. Edgerton was amoxil 500 assistant surgeon of the Twen- tj'-first Connecticut A^olunteers. The Orange Mountain, N. J., Medical Society elected these officers at the annual meeting. Jan- amoxil buy online uary 2ist: President, Dr. Richard C. Xewton, of Montclair; vice-president. Dr. D. E. English, of Millburn; secretary. Dr. Richard D. Freeiuan. of South Orange; treasurer. Dr. J. amoxil 400 Minor Maghee. of West Orange. rpo NEIVS ITEMS. Dr. Ophelia Blinn, one of the pioneer women physicians of Chicago and amoxil 500 mg a graduate of amoxil tablets the Woman's Medical College of Philadelphia, died at the County Infirmary at Dunning, 111., last Friday, aged 60 j'ears. She had been ill several years. Physicians in the United States Senate. — When the term of Senator Bali, of Delaware, expires on March 3rd, the medical profession amoxil 250 mg will be left with but one representative in the United States Senate, Senator Jacob H. Gallinger, of New Hampshire. The Plattsburgh Physicians' Club, amoxil 875 mg of Platts- burgh, N. amoxil 250mg Y., was recently organized to promote by frequent amoxil buy meetings the professional and social welfare of the medical men of that vicinity. The officers elected were : President, Dr. F. Madden ; secretary, Dr. T. Avery Rogers. New York State Hospital for the Care of De- formed and Crippled Children. — It is stated that this institution amoxil 250 will shortly be removed from Tarrytown to the Milburn mansion on Treason Hill, West Haverstraw, Rockland County, a site that offers many advantages. Jefferson County, N. Y., Medical Society. online amoxil — The following officers have been "chosen for the ensuing year: President, Dr. E. S. Willard, of Watertown ; vice-president. Dr. Potter, of Manns- ville ; secretary. Dr. F. R. Calkins, of Watertown ; treasurer. Dr. C. M. Rexford, of Watertown. President Garfield's Physician Dead. — Dr. S. R. Beckwith, who was President Garfield's fam- ily physician at the time of his assassination, died in Atlantic City, on January 20th, aged 72 years. Before going to Atlantic City he had resided in New York, Washington, Cleveland, and Cincin- nati. He leaves a son. Dr. J. T. Beckwith, sur- geon to the Atlantic City Beach Guards. Iberville Parish, La., Medical Society. — At a

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