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supplied. This, with the bright, warm, sunshiny days throughout the year, proclaim for the consumptive the benefits to be derived from a residence in southern Cali- fornia. Once located at either place, he should remain, not a few weeks, or months, or a year, but he should forever make his home the remainder of his life at such place suit- able to his particular case, and not go to the city as soon as he feels an improvement in his condition, Cheap Ampicillin as is invari- ably the case, with the result of only to be obliged to re- turn very soon all the worse for making the change. For surely if he regains his health by arresting the progress of so fatal a disease by living at a favorable locality, he be- comes as a summer house Buy Acillin plant, tenderly cared for by favored surroundings, and, as the house plant, delicate in structure. While, perhaps, his ambition recuperates, his vital energies have in a measure declined. He will find that he no longer has the hard, brawny muscles of the once inhabitant of the temperate climate. A change has taken place. The category of improvement in his case is due partly to the Buy Ampicillin Online indolence this climate brings upon one. It gives that rest thereby to his entire structure, retaining for the time the latent energies yet stored up in his system to be called upon as needed to restore that extravagant waste engendered by the disease. To the help of the favorable surroundings he alone owes his improved condition, and it is at such place his duty to remain He should live as much as po.ssible in the open air, not in hotel or lodging house in the city or town, but in a cottage or tent at either of the above-named places. Sunshine and an aseptic at- mosphere he must have in this climate, and not house warmth and an infected atmosphere of our cities. For the atmosphere of our cities is no better in this respect than that of other cities, and perhajis not so good. The cottage or tent should be situated on the southern slope of a hill or rise in the land, and .so situated as to get the rays of the sun on all sides. For in this climate in the shade there is an unpleasant, utigratefnl chilly coolness even during the warm summer days, which is as perceptible under the shade of a palm tree as on the shnded side of a house or hillside. Why (his coolness when the thermometer in the snn regis- ters 80° to 100" I''. I must leave each one to account for for liiinself. Fveii the robust, hrallliy iticliviilutd in siiii^nii'i Oct. •;, 1H94.] DUKKMAS': TEE CONSUMPTIVE AV SOUTHERX CALIFORXIA. 433 «vening8 always goes provided against this coolness with an overcoat. An overcoat is a very essential garment in this climate the year round. This coolness of atmosphere, which exists at all times in the shade and is very pronounced at nightfall, is one of the drawbacks of this climate as a health resort. A pleasant coolne.ss of atmosphere of Ampicillin 500 Mg a summer evening in a temperate climate is invigorating ; it stimulates the vital energies and brings the blood to the surface, producing a rnddy flush on the cheek, and makes the individual full of life and activity. It is not so with the ungrateful chilliness of the atmosphere at nightfall in this climate. It in some way depresses the Purchase Ampicillin system ; the invalid loses all activity and energy; he is inclined to assume a quiet position and fears to move, for every change of position he makes adds to his discomfort. Therefore the circulation \& depressed, the blood does not flow so freely to the surface, and, instead of one looking refreshed with glowing cheeks, he is pale and blue and cold and chilled clear to the marrow, and feels so uncomfortable and cold as though the flesh were re- treating from the bones — so peculiar is the effect of this coi)lness at times and at nightfall. On summer evenings it is very common to see our Ampicillin 500 people in street cars bun- dled up in overcoats and wraps to protect themselves against this uncomfortable chilliness. This Ampicillin 500mg peculiar coolness of atmosphere, so perceptible in many localities, alone de- nounces Huch locality as a resort for the consumptive. In our cities and towns are many lodging houses and pri- vate hotels, Online Ampicillin which Buy Ampicillin offer many inducements at moderate prices to the invjilid, as it is very essential that their patronage is .secured or they could not exist. As a rule, they are abomi- nations and death traps and a menace to a healthful people. (Our better class of hotels arc, however, well taken care of.) .luHt think of a lodging house that has lodged, week after week, consumptives (and other invalids) there, without ever lixviiiij been renovated' or thoroughly cleaned, and later a licaltliy person r another invalid to i)ccu]>y the same room and same bed as the consumptive in the last stages of the ili.sensi — a bed that only sheets and pillow-cases have Order Ampicillin been piThn|>s waslied, all other Ix'ilding and furniture remaining just im the unf
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