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ly renovated after the consumplive leaves them. I must not nay more, or perhaps you may think our cities are mere ricNtM of lubereuloiiN infection. Our boards of health, lio» ever, are becoming anafranil 150 mg cogni/aiil of llirne fads, and we hope that ere long they will follow the stepN taken by the boards of health of Michigan and New York ; for, certainly, if any Nlate in the I'nion reipiireH strict sanilarv regulation, the State of California nliould. Thousands of clomipramine hydrochloride tablets invalids enter this Stat* every year. Thousands of consumptives live here, not in their own homes, but at these lodging and rooming houses, ilanv are sent here, I am sorry clomipramine 50mg to say, in the last stages of the disease, and in a clomipramine hydrochloride few weeks, or perhaps months, are re- turned to their friends in a casket. Brother physicians, why send such consumptives so far away from home, when you all know too well the speedy result ? Yet, dav after day, we are consulted by such unfortunates, only to advise them to return to their homes and friends clomipramine 50 mg while they yet have the strength to withstand the return journey, and re- ceive the kind care from those who are near and dear t-o them. If the disease is infectious, then the cities of southern California are not the places to send any more consump- tives. As an illustration to show how numerous are they among us, I found, out of twelve hundred exami- nations for life insurance, ninety seven with diseased lungs.* Surely, if one twelfth of the order anafranil applications made for purchase anafranil life insurance arc rejected on account of lung dis- ease, then the total number of people here who have disease of the lungs must be appalling. The statistics of our health oflice show that about thirty per cent, of the deaths are due directly and indirectly to tubercu- losis. The greater ocd anafranil number of these deaths are just such residents as I have above spoken of, many of them being residents only a short time — perhaps resided here only a few weeks. While it is also true that many phthisical persons have apparently regained their health after a long residence here, they came here at an early date and at a time when the surroundings were much ditferent and more favorable, and when our cities were mere villages and the source of infec- tion at a minimum. Los Angeles city to day is not a sanitarium in anafranil for ocd any sense of the word ; it has been made a resort and dumping place for the consumptive, and anafranil 50 mg physicians and every one else should know this fact none too soon. We hope that very soon tuberculosis will be included in the list of infectious diseases anafranil price by our board of health, and every such case will then be reported to the health authori- ties, to receive and carry out such instructions as anafranil online will pro- tect the health of others as well as themselves. Then every one sent Here in the advanced stages may be i.solatcd, and thereby we will protect the public. Wliile Los .\ngeles may have been ailverlised in the past as a .sanitarium for the consumptive, wo can no longer do clomipramine tablets so ; but, insteatl, 1 have plai-ed the facts anafranil buy before the reader that will enable him to act intelligently when contemplating sending the invalid lo Hoiithern California. Such places as 1 have above named have all the desireil accommodation, with Nature's sani- tnry surroundings, and the consumptive seeking the bonetits anafranil 150 to be deriveil from the climale of southern California should not come with the intention of n\aking his home in LoK Angeles. 104 SoiTii SrniKu STRiirr. * .>^ llir ■iillinr'n urttrlp, A K««miiiiu liiMiii fitf l.ifr liiminimf. .Untinil Xrmt, iivfU H, ISO! 434 WALKER: PSEUD0-HERMAPHR0DITI8M. [N. Y. Mkd. Joce. A anafranil buy online CASE OF PSEUDO-HERMAPHRODITISM.* By MAURICE A. WALKER, M. D., George cheap anafranil S., twenty-four years old, born of a good t'aniily in Vienna. He has one sister and two lirothers, all of whom are well formed and have perfect cliildren. When a child he was not treated well by his father, probably on account of his de- formity. As a result of this treatment, he left clomipramine 20mg his home about ten years ago and came to this country, where he has resided ever since. clomipramine anafranil Before emigrating he had served his time as a cabi- net-mater, and has worked at his trade the greater part of the time since, until about a year ago, when the general business depression prevented him from obtaining work. He has always been in good health. He is five feet three inches tall, and his usual weight is be- tween one hundred and fifty-five and one hundred and sixty-five

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