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will appear from a reversal of the proposition ; if it is a hard- ship for a publisher to meet these charges on one book sent to a multitude of journals, it would Order Avandia be a like hardship for any one journal to meet them on the multiplicity Avanafil Buy of books published. Moreover, the publisher knows what sort of book he is sending out — knows how much he is warranted in expending on it — whereas the journal has no means of knowing in advance Avandia Tablets whether or not Avandia Cost a book sent to it is worth the charges to be paid before it can be received. In addition, the alternative of declining to receive the book in some instances would be un- gracious; it would 'be tantamount to saying to both publisher and author : " Your book is not worth the express charges on DR. CONAN DOYLE. The recent arrival in New York of this distinguished mem- ber of the medical profession of Great Britain — for we must still look upon him as belonging to our profession, although his remarkable success as a writer of Cheap Avandia fiction has led him to forsake a medical career Order Avandia Online — will move American physicians to even greater interest Avandia Online than they have heretofore taken in his stories, especially as a volume of them soon to be published here will, we are informed, deal largely with matters incident to medical experience, consisting indeed of what may be termed Avandia 8 Mg medical stories. Many physicians have achieved distinction in general literature, and when one does so it is a matter of pride with all his professional brethren. Avandia Mg This feeling among us is not in the Buy Avandia Online least impaired by the fact that in this instance the writer, though of our kindred, is not of our own nationality. Dr. Doyle may be sure of a hearty reception at the hands of Amer- Generic Avandia icans, and especially at those of American doctors. ITEMS, ETC. The Society of Medical Jurisprudence.— The special or- der Purchase Avandia Online for the m-xt iiie>.'tins;, on Monday evening, the 8th inst., is a p.iper on Examination Avandia Price of the Purchase Avandia Nasal Cavities in Life Insurance Risks, by Dr. Edward J. Bermingham. The New York Neurological Society.— The special order for the last meeting, on Tuesday evening, the 2d inst., was a paper on Cortical Looalization of Cutaneous Sensations, by Dr. Charles L. Dana. Changes of Address.— Dr. William 11. Dukeman (Los An- geles, Cal.), to No. 104: South Spring Street; Dr. Eugene Buy Avanafil C. Gohrung (St. Louis), to Westminster Avandia Canada Place and Vandeventer Avenue ; Dr. Maurice L. Ilealey, to No. 153 East Thirty-sixth Street; Dr. Charles A. Power.s, from New York to Denver. Marine-Hospital Service.— (9/fr'«"a2 Lut of the Ghnnges of StntioiiK mill Diitif.i of Medical Officers of the United State* Marine- Uoapital Service for the Four Wech.t ending September S2, 189J,: Fessendbn, Avandia 4 Mg 0. S. D., Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for thirty days. September 12, 18"Jt Murray, R. D., Surgeon. To proceed to Beaufort, S. C, on special duty. Septonilier 20, 1894. Baii.haciir, p. II., Surgeon. Detailed to represent the service at the meeting of the .Vnicrican rulilic Ihaltli Association. September 21, W.)i. Van»*nt, John, Surgeon. Granted leave of ahsenco for thirty daya. August 80, 1804. IlliTToN, W. II. II., Surgeon. Buy Cheap Avandia Uelieved from (Quarantine In- spection duty and onh^reil to rejoin his Htiition, Detroit, Mich. September 12, 1804. Granted leave of ab.sonoe for thiriy Buy Avandia ihiyy. September 20, 181)4. Oct 0. 1894.] ITEMS.— LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. 439 Sawtelle, H. W., Snrgeon. Granted leave of abseuce for five days. September 14, 1894. Gassawat, .J. M., Surgeon. Gi-anted leave of absence for one day. September 17, 1894. Basks. C. E., Passed Assistant Surgeon. To report at the bureau for tem()orary duty. September 10, 1894. Detailed to represent the service at the meeting of the American Public Health Association. September 21, 1894. Relieved from temporary duty at the bureau, and directed to rejoin his station (Portland, Me.). September 22, 1894. Carmicbael, D. a., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for thirty days without pay. September 6, 1894.

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