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The author believes that the useful action of strychnine on all these Buy Biaxin symptoms is accomplished through the medium of the pneumogastric nerves, and he also believes that its immediate action on the pulmonary Antibiotic Biaxin disintegration is just as pronounced, and is brought about in t^e same way. His therapeutic obser- vations, Biaxin Xl 500mg therefore, form another link in the chain of evidence which goes to prove that pulmonary consumption is primarily a disease of the nervous system. The Order Biaxin Symptomatic Tachycardia of Biaxin Cost Tuberculosia— The tachycardia Biaxin Online of clironic pulmonary phthisis is the subject of a monograph by Y. Bezancon in the Rerue de medecine of January 10th. This paper is of especial interest when Biaxin 500 taken in connec- tion with the views of Dr. Mays, referred to above. Bezan- Purchase Biaxin gon'g ob.servations are based ujion four cases of pulmonary tuberculosis, in which the tachycardia became more and more markeBiaxin Price tubercular bronchial glamls. These findings might seom to lend confirma- tion to Dr. Mays's theories, but Bezancon doo« not view them in that light. Dr. Mays would argue that the pulmonary Biaxin Antibiotic process was secondary to the compression of the vagus, whereas Bezim- foii regards the involvement of the nerve as simply an acci- dental result of the widely distributed tuberculosis. Bczanvon lias colkvted a large number of other cases in wlili'h tarhycarflia developeil in the course of pulmonary tuber- culosis, and autopsy revealed compression of the vagus. In Home of these cases, and in one of the author's own cases, his- tological examination of the conipre*He<1 nerve showed destruc- tion of the axis cylinders or fragmentation of the Biaxin Order myelin, thus furninlilng a ready explanation of the tachycardia. In the majority of the cases, however, the Biaxin 500mg nerve tissue was Biaxin 500 Mg entirely niiiillered, or 'imply gave eviBiaxin Buy Online a wide area, or, by inducing thrombosis, over two or three smaller areas, and in a day or two hsBUioptysis arises. It Biaxin Xl is note- worthy that the spitting of blood never occurs immedisitely after the exertion. Ilfomoptysis due to primary disease of the lung usually oc- curs in association with the tubercle bacillus. As the author Cheap Biaxin points out, there is no indissoluble bond between the spitting of blood and the bacillus of tuberculosis. The majority of citses of tuberculous phthisis Antibiotics Biaxin run their course without luemoptysis. Spitting of blood may also occur in emphysema and in fibroid phthisis, diseases in which bacilli play no role whatever. Nevor- tlieleMN, lii<
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