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NEWS ITEMS. 191 lations of 1,990,750 for 1905, and of 1,932,315 for i(X)4: Jan. 21, Jan. 14, Jan. 23. 1905. 1905. Cardura 6 Mg 1904. Total deaths, all causes 591 542 517 Annual death rate per l.Ouo 15.47 14.19 13.95 By sexes — ■ Males 331 3(10 300 Kemales 260 242 217 liv aces — Inder 1 year 117 106 91 Between i and 3 years 55 39 36 Over 60 years 131 127 104 Cardura 1 Mg Important causes o£ death — Acute intestinal diseases 23 20 24 Cardura 10 Mg Apoplexy 19 24 13 Bright's disease 51 34 32 Bronchitis 18 24 24 Consumption 77 52 66 Cancer 19 23 18 Flomax Vs Cardura Convulsions 9 16 10 Diphtheria 9 11 7 Heart diseases 37 32 • 47 Influenza ....• 22 20 4 Measles 5 2 Nervous diseases 20 13 29 Pneumonia 120 108 106 .Scarlet fever 3 2 3 Suicide 9 13 8 Smallpox 1 1 Typhoid fever 9 7 " 9 Violence (other than suicide) 26 25 16 Whooping cough 3 4 All other causes Ill 111 101 A County Medical Society on Record as Against Contract Practice. — The Purchase Cardura Mercer County Medical Society Order Cardura Cardura E10 of New Jersey has recently taken positive action regarding lodge and Cheap Cardura society con- tracts. We are indebted to Dr. D. B. Ackley, of Trenton, for a statement from which the follow- ing facts are copied : The lodge practice in Tren- ton, which is the capital of New Jersey, as well as the county seat of Mercer County, has existed for thirty years. Cardura N10 During this time the lodges Cardura Online and societies, which furnish free medical advice to their members and their members' families for the nominal sum of one dollar per year each, Cardura E10p have increased from two to twenty. Such Cardura E10p Msds practice in- terferes with the general work of a physican, as well as subtracting from his dignity and caus- ing him to offend against the code of ethics. The Mercer County Medical Society appointed a com- mittee of three to investigate the practice. Buy Cardura Online The committee has secured the signatures of every physician in Trenton to an agreement not to ac- cept contract practice in any form ; to refuse to renew contracts with lodges and societies when the term for Cardura For Bph which they Cardura Vs Flomax have already agreed shall expire ; and strictly to abide by the code of ethics of the American Medical Association and by the decision of the County Medical Society in regard to such practice. The Cardura Generic Name inception of the plan Cardura Classification to abolish the practice was due to the men holding the Cardura Tablets contracts in question. This action of the Mercer County Society is a step in the right direction, and is to be recommended to the phy- sicians in any other Cardura Bph coinmunity in which simi- lar abuses exist. Medical Society of the State of New York. —

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