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wound sewed together, cleocin suppositories and the wound into the pharyngeal cavity altogether closed. This made an anterior wall to the (esophagus, and, cleocin 600 mg being elastic and distensible, the pa- tient had succeeded in cleocin iv learning to dilate it sufficiently to afford a reserve of air — a sac — which enabled him to say cleocin topical solution a word or two without refilling. It was this air which the patient cleocin t pads propelled against some tense, Wbratory cleocin 100 mg surface, tension being produced by the constrictors of the pharynx, and produced sounds which, modified by the mouth, tongue, and lips, became speech *— a wonderful exhibition of how Nature may be depended upon to help fill the gaps in space and function when intelligently assisted. Save for the fact that the patient was unable to make any connection between his lungs and his mouth, and did not get his air properly moistened, sifted, and warmed, he was every whit as comfortable as the generality of people, and his functional capacity in the world but little damaged. The salient points were, then, that he could talk as well and better than most patients with an artificial larynx, he could swallow immensely better, he had no mechanical contrivance which might at any time get out of gear, cleocin cream acne which needs attention and constant cleansing, and he had no other wound or disfigurement of the neck than the tracheal cleocin antibiotic wound, which latter he could cover up very nicely. A further advantage was that there was no irritation of the wound from the tubes — tracheal and artificial larynx — and be was in no way worse oS than those who have to breathe through cleocin 900 mg a tracheotomy tube. It will be thus seen that these cases — the results some of chance, others of a definite purpose — were better than tin; older methods in these cleocin suspension following particulars: 1. The danf'cr to life from inspiration pneumonia was very much less, owing to the shutting off of the mouth. 2. The patients could swallow with the greatest of ease as freely as usual. :j. The most wonderful of all, in at least three cleocin phosphate recurrence by the irritation of a constantly present foreign body— the artifi- cial larynx and tube — could be entirely avoided. 4. The patients were very comfortable and not nearly as disfigured as with the artificial appliances. Therefore all the conditions dein.'inded at the beginning of the arliele wen- fulfilled. A CMC of epitlielioma of the larynx having pres(iitcleocin topical gel determined to remove the larynx according to the methods to be related. On the day previous to that set for the operation Dr. Carmalt and the writer rehearsed the operation on the cadaver and found it possible to outline every step as it later was accurately carried out on the patient. The previous history of cleocin oral the patient is as follows : Mr. S., a German, joiner by trade, consulted nie at the dis- pensary on the 18th of October, 1892, for a hoarseness which had existed witliout pain or coughing since last summer. Pa- tient was not a|)honic, but simply very hoarse. Never previous- ly hoarse for long at a time. Family history cleocin cost good. Status Prcesens. — A healthy-appearing man of middle height, tbrty-two years old, well nourished, with no outw.ird deformity of neck or chest. Lungs, chest, and abdominal or- gans were healthy. Mouth in order. Pharynx bluish-red, as so often seen in smokers and beer-drinkers. Larynx sliglitly con- gested in appearance, but presenting on the right vocal cleocin 2 cord a tumor. The latter was as large as a good-sized pea, projected from the free edge of the cord in about the middle, and pos- sessed of a broad base and firm consistence. Color was light red, evidently due to its al)undant vascularity. !S^o swelling or infiltration of the rest of the true or order cleocin online false vocal cord. No im- mobility of the cord other than pure inertia. Diagnosis was made of a fibroma of the vocal cord and at- tempts were immediately begun toward its removal. Owing to the broad attachment .and firm consistence of the tumor, for- ceps ]iroved useless and so did the snare. Tlie attempt was about to be made to slit it off with the cleocin tablets knife when patient dis- appeared buy cleocin t and returned in December last after more than a year's absence with a vastly different condition of things pres- ent. Instead of a tumor, there was an ulcer and a defect of tlie vocal cord where it had been. The false vocal cord had begun to swell. There was no excrescence of any kind visible. Later a very distressing cough developed, and as the swelling and ulceration cleocin t acne began to increase, a question as to tuberculosis arose. This was finally settled negatively and the cough got better about February 1st. Just previous to this time some

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