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Syme's, to the most extensive, thorough, and decisive in- vestigations of the two celebrated Hyderabad commissions. The labors of the second commission were partly di- rected and carefully watched by Dr. Lauder Brunton, dele- gate of the Lancet, who, in his excellent work, Pharmacol- ogy and Therapeutics, had very decidedly stated that one of the dangers resulting from chloroform was death by stop- page of the heart, but who afterward did not refuse to sign the report of the commission, some of the conclusions of which ran as buy cheap cytotec follows: " 1. Chloroform, when given continu- ously by any means which insures its/Vee dilution with air, causes a gradual fall in the mean blood pressure, provided the animal's respiration is not iinpeded in any w^ay, and it continues to breathe quietly without struggling or involun- tary holding of the breath, as almost always happens when the cliloroform is instifficiently diluted. As this fall con- tinues, the animal first becomes insensible, then the respi- ration gradually ceases, and lastly the heart stops beating." " 35. The commission has no doubt whatever that, if the above rules be followed, chloroform may be given in any case requiring an operation with perfect ease and absolute safely, so as to do good without the risk of evil." A very similar opinion is held by the majority of the surgeons in France, and expressed by Claude Bernard in liis Lefons sur les anesthesiques et sur Vasphyxie, as follows : '• .\ussi un certain nombre de chirurgiens propo.serent-ils d'abandonner le chloroforme pour revenir a I'ether, dont I'usage paraissait moins a craindre. order cytotec online Aujourd'hui encore, les chirurgiens de Lyon employent proferablement rctlicr. On croyait le chloroforme plus dangereux que I'ether parci - qu'il 6tait plus actif ; mais en r^alite, la frequence rcMativc des accidents par le chloroforme cytotec 200mcg tenait peiitetre tout sim plement a ce que c'dtait cet agent anesthetique (|u"oii i m ployail dans I'immense majorilodes online cytotec ca.s. Plusicurs discus- sions ont tie ])rovoqu('es par les partisans de I'ether, siirtout par les rejireseiitants de I'ecole de Lyon, et il a etc constiite que I't-ther, lui aussi, avait produit un certain nombre d'aci-.idents mortels. Les deux agents anesthe- tiques cytotec 200 mcg usites peuvent done, i'un comnie I'autre, entraiiier qiielquc riHque de mort, et la chirurgie huniaine a conservr presijiie partont le chloroforme, tlonl raction est plus ra|iidr cl pins coinplcle." In (Germany, too, the use of chloroform for surgical anifHlhesia in much more freijuent than that of ether, and for this reason the carefully gathered hlatistical statements which K. (iurlt |iubliHlie(l in the Archiv online pharmacy cytotec fur klinische Chi- Turyie, vol. xlii, 181)1, and vol. xlv, lH«y (Zur Narcotisi- runj^KNtatiMlik), are not ho coiicliiNive cytotec 400 mg as to cytotec 200 mg to be taken into account. Irritation of the bronchial tissues, and above all serious changes in the excretory glands, are the most prominent of the bad after- effects of a prolonged narcosis, and may lead to broncho- pneumonia or to what formerly in many cases was con- sidered to be a " septic condition." Professor William U. Porter, in his paper. The Urine, its Density in Rela- tion to Ansesthetics {The Post- graduate, July, 1893), shows that ether narcosis produces a much higher degree of suboxidation than cytotec buy online chloroform, the products of which put a strain on cytotec on line the excretory functions of the cytotec cost kidneys, to which these organs, if not in a perfectly healthy condition, may in the course of one or several days finally succumb. " This delay in the fatal result takes the odium ofi the ether as compared with buy cytotec chloroform, while the ether still remains equally respon.«ible, and probably causes as many if not more deaths than chloroform." In the discussion of Dr. Porter's paper several experienced surgeons expressed their unanimous consent to this view of the relative perilousness of the two aniesthetics — a fact which seems to indicate that even in America chloroform is going to be released from injudicious condemnation as it was expressed in H. C. AVood's Therapeutics by the words : " These advantages (of chloroform) are, however, so outbalanced by the dangers which attend its use that its employment under ordinary circumstances is unjustifiable." The question henceforward will apparently be, not whether chloroform or ether ought to be used exclusivel}' as the less dangerous anaesthetic under all circumstances, but in what cases it is safer to use chloroform, buying cytotec and in what ones ether would be preferable. The cxijcrinients of the Hyderabad Commission have shown th;it, to produce an efticient antesthesia with ether, it where to buy cytotec is necessary to cytotec mg exclude the air as thoroughly as possible, .1111 1 that under cytotec price this condition ether narcosis is very similar to an aspiiyxia brought about by the inhalation of carbonic- acid gas ; whereas chloroform narcosis, to be quiet and safe, requires a free and even dilution of the ana'sthetic vapor with air. This princi[)al condition for a safe ad- ministration of chloroform is not purchase cytotec tulfillcd bv the simple method of jiouring the aniestliclic on ,i cloth folded to form a funnel, or on a mask with thinnel liniiii;'. I'or even tlic HO c.'illccl drop method does not prevent \vr\ considcr- .•iblc tluctuatioiis in the concentration of the inli.-ilcil vajiors. 'I'o obviate this fault Dr. . I uiiker constructed his well known and much- used apparatus, in which by means

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