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ig2 PITH OF CVRREKT LITERATURE. IPitjt of Cnmnt f ittraturt. PRESSE MEDICALE, December y, 1904. Ditropan Online 1. The Serofatty Membrane of the Heart, By P. PoiRiER. 2. Prophylaxis Against Typhoid Fever by Means of Wright's Vaccine, Buy Oxybutynin Online By L. Nattan-Larrier. 3. Does Conjugal Diabetes Exist? By A. Martinet. 1. The Serofatty Membrane Buy Ditropan of the Heart. — Poirier objects to Buy Cheap Oxybutynin the classical description of the pericardium that it is the description of Purchase Ditropan Online the peri- cardium of the cadaver transformed by post mortem changes. He deems several points to be erroneous and states that the errors can be verified by the ex- amination of frozen bodies and by radioscopic ex- amination of the living. 2. Prophylaxis Against Typhoid Fever. — Nattan-Larrier describes the adoption by the British War Office of Wright's method of ' Buy Oxybutynin vaccination against typhoid fever, the relative frequency of typhoid fever in the vaccinated and unvaccinated in the British army in all parts of the world, and the relative mortality in the two classes. Professor Wright, of Netley, has recently published Cheap Ditropan a work on Purchase Oxybutynin Online the subject. 3. Does Conjugal Diabetes Exist? — The fre- quency with which husband and wife suffer from ■diabetes causes Martinet to question whether Purchase Oxybutynin such ■occurrences are purely coincidental. December 10, 1904. 1. Indications for Prostatectomy, By E. Desnos. 2. The Progress of Vaccination. By M. Labbe. 1. Indications for Prostatectomy. — Desnos says that the presence of an Order Oxybutynin enlarged prostate is not a sufficient indication Buy Cheap Ditropan for its removal, in spite of the brilliant results which have been obtained, but that surgical intervention should be confined to Purchase Ditropan those cases in which there is great torture or pain and the operation is possible, necessary, and prom- ises to be efficacious. 2. Progress of Vaccination. — Labbe Generic Ditropan speaks of the progressive practice of vaccination in France and its colonies, of the manner of obtaining vac- •cine, the choice of subjects, and, though the trans- mission of tuberculosis in this way is very rare, he points out the necessity of guarding against the danger. December 14, 1904. 1. The QLsophagosalivary Reflex, By H. Roger. 2. Cardiac Lesions and Renal Affections, By F. Bronowski. 1. The CEsophagosalivary Order Ditropan Reflex. — Roger has ■demonstrated by experiments on dogs that Oxybutynin Online the in- troduction of a foreign body into the cesophagus provokes an Generic Oxybutynin abundant secretion of saliva and thus the presence of Buy Ditropan Online a reflex which he calls by the fore- •going name. 2. Cardiac Lesions and Renal Affections. — Bronowski tabulates the great frequency of renal •complications in heart lesions and concludes that Jthe cardiac lesions, by modifying the composition of the blood and producing stasis in the kidneys, lessen the vitality of the latter and render them more susceptible to the action of toxines, auto- toxines, and noxious germs and to the Order Oxybutynin Online beginning of serious disease within them. Order Ditropan Online SEMAINE MEDICALE. December 14. igo4- A Contribution to the Study of Localization in the Hypo- glossal and Facial Nerves, By C. Pareon and J. P.apiniax. Study of the Hypoglossal and Facial Nerves.

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