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Woriihur. Ihulsrhr '/.ril,chrifl fur Chirurgir, wi\ 51'.), IM7endep tablets G. SulF ulcera perforante del calcagno. Progress. rued., Na|)oli, 1889, iii, 258-209. "MEDICAL endep 10 mg PAPYRI OF ANCIENT EGYPT order endep online COMPARED WITH GREEK AND ROMAN AUTHORS." SUMMARIZED FROM THE GERMAN. By F. B. STEPHENSON, M. D., U.vS. N. During a cruise, on the x\siatic station, 1891-'94, it was the writer's good fortune to meet the genial and scholarly Heinrich L. Emil Liiring, then engaged in educa- tional and literary work at Singapore. Our talks on San- scrit, Malay, Chinese, Japane.se, and general linguistics uatu- i. rally led him to think of his own special studies. One of these is the address given when he received the degree of i Doctor of Philosophy (philosophiscken Doctorwiirde) from the University of Strassburg. By his kindness I have been enabled to possess a copy of this di.ssertatiori (published in 1888); a description thereof is herewith offered and an abstract of its subject matter. The entire essay comprises a hundred and seventy pages, its German text broken by figures, notes, quotations, etc., in hieroglyphics, Coptic, , Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Latin, French, Italian, English, buy endep and Swedish, with refer- ences to many an authority in the world endep 25mg of letters and criticism. The introduction informs us that Homer, Herodotus, Diodorus, Clement of generic endep Alexandria, Pliny, and Galen wrote on order endep the astounding wisdom of the Egyptian priest phvsi- cians, while media'val students filled volumes with their translations and commentaries in regard to the early life of the healing art, picturing its ('ondition on the shores of the Nile. Ill the first chapter the author means to show by re- cent discoveries that (ialen was not very accurate when he set down primitive Kgyptian medicine as " nonsense " (m kqpoTaTa). From endep 50 a comparison of older papyri with those more lately found it appears that the scribes of that period may be charged with great carelessness and unpar- donable haste. Passing by a critique in detail, he con- siders in particular the Ehcrs Papi/rus of the University Library in Leipsic as being unusually well written, com- prehensive, and purchase endep online the best jjreserved of such medical records. The one hundred and eight pages, in hieratic characters, contain the fullest compendium extant of Egyptian materia medica. On the reverse of ,the first leaf. is a calendar, from which it is deduced that the origin of the manuscript was in 1553 to 1550 15. C. Moreover, the technique of the writing, as well as the forms buy endep online of expression, indicate its com- jiositioii long before, the docunuMil in (jueslion being merely endep 25 a c()i)y. I )i()endep 10 former identity of function for the now widely separate callings '.) This papyrus begins with some inythologico-raagical forms to be used endep 25 mg at times of compounding and administer- ing medicines. (The quack of to-day still enjoys revenues from this method of influencing weak and ignorant buy cheap endep minds, as well as those who "like to take medicine," or think endep 10 tablets it necessary to always " do something/ ! ") Part first treats on diseases of purchase endep the abdomen, medicaments being applied at each end of the alimentary canal. Even in The Book of the Dead we find that not only sufficient food but also regular watery evacuations are promised as a largo part of expected felicity. On endep tablets 10mg the other hand appear remedies against ex- cessive alvine endep 10mg discharges and hicmorrhoids. The bark of the branches and roots of the pomegranate is given endep 50mg for Worms, diarrhoea, and dysentery. Part second refers to .lilments of the anal region, the remedies named evidently implying suppurative affections. Cotton was used to dress wounds, etc. Dates cooked in oil and with yeast are

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