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— Parbon and Papinian have made sections of. and studied the changes in these nerves buy esidrix after the tissues at their peripheral ends had been destroyed and death had been caused by cancer in the suprahyoid region. hydrochlorothiazide mg In addition they try to establish hydrochlorothiazide tablets the rela- tions which existed between these changes and the peripheral lesion. December 2i, 1904. Pubic cheap hydrochlorothiazide Osteotomy by Gigli's Method, By Professor R. esidrix or zaroxolyn de Bovis. Gigli's Method of Pubic Osteotomy. — Bovis says the idea of pubic osteotomy is ancient and re- fers to a saw devised for the purpose by Aitken, of Edinburgh, in 1775. Gigli's operation consists of the section of the pubic bone in the vicinity of the symphysis by means of a filiform saw, invented by Gigli, when such intervention is indicated in ob- stetrical cases. Bovis describes the technics and gives the histories of two successful cases of his own. December 28, 1904. The Dangers Attending the Use of Camphorated Naphthol in Ordinary Practice, By Cazin and Hallion. Dangers from Camphorated Naphthol. — /\fter a collation of the reported cases of death and of serious intoxication from purchase hydrochlorothiazide online camphorated naphthol, Cazin and Hallion describe a number of experi- ments which they have performed on rabbits and dogs which demonstrate that in these animals at least toxic action may be produced by absorption of the drug through serous membranes, although no lesion of the blood vessels is present. REVUE DE MEDECINE December, 1904. t. Is There Such a Thing as Banti's generic hydrochlorothiazide Disease? By Gilbert and Lerebol'LLET. -'. Concerning the Accelerating and hydrochlorothiazide online Retarding of the Pulse by Means of Counting in a Loud Tone of buy hydrochlorothiazide Voice, Rapidly and Slowly, By Bernheim. .V Syphilitic Diseases of the Heart, By Cecikas. 4. Concerning the Organic Origin of Certain Phobias, By Hartenberc. S- Multiple Spontaneous Gangrene of the Skin, By Truffi. 6. A Case of Primary Cancer of the Liver, By Tolot. order hydrochlorothiazide I. Is There Such a Thing as Banti's Disease? — Gilbert and Lereboullet answer this question, after having analyzed the evidence, by saying hydrochlorothiazide price that there is not. The cases which have been reported uniler this title show once again that the spleen January 28. 1905. PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 193 is a satellite of the liver, that buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide it is rarely the sub- buy hydrochlorothiazide online ject of disease by itself, and that when it is dis- eased there is usually a preexistent lesion of the liver. This is called by tlie authors the hepatic spleen. This causal lesion in the liver, in order hydrochlorothiazide online the bil- iary apparatus or in the veins, which is more or less distinct, purchase hydrochlorothiazide must be detected as early as pos- sible. Treatment should be addressed to this •condition rather than to the hypertrophy of the spleen. 5. Multiple Spontaneous Gangrene of the Skin. — Truffi narrates two cases of this condition and draws the following conclusions from his consideration of them: i. The gangrenous focus may be located hydrochlorothiazide cost in the hypoderma with or with- esidrix 25 mg out participation of the derma and the epiderma. 2. The necrosis of the tissues is caused by a con- striction of the small peripheral vessels. 3. The formation of the necrotic plaque can be prevented by the aid of revulsive therapeutic measures, or it can at least be made very superficial. 4. The keloids which result from the cicatrization of the postgangrenous ulcerations will sometimes un- dergo spontaneous resolution.

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