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rapidity of n very. AU this requires more work and persistence than simply taking medicine, and patients need to be constantly encour- aged by the positive assertion that they will recover their health if they use the means. 126 State Street. BUBO-XIC PLAGUE LN' CANTON. By MARY W. NILES. Lithium Carbonate Buy M. D., CAKTOS, CHIXA. The epidemic now raging in Canton is characterized by glandular swellings. It is identical with the great plague of London. Heretofore it has not been endemic Buy Eskalith in Can- ton. Dr. Kerr has been here for forty years, and has never seen it. Eskalith 450 Mg It is endemic in the province of Yunnan. When it began there is not known, but the first severe epidemic was about 1 850, according to one author ; some say it has existed there for the past six centuries ; some Chinese say it came by caravans from Bunnah. Twenty years or more ago it made its appearance in Annam. It Generic Lithium Carbonate then spread into two adjacent districts belonging to Canton Province and to the province of Kwang Sai. Eskalith Cr Pakhoi. Lithium Carbonate Online a treaty port in one of these districts, has had it for Buy Lithium Carbonate twelve years and per- haps longer. Four years ago the pl.en 408 LEADING ARTICLES. [N. Y. Mki>. JonK... seen in any other disease. He is pursuing his investiga- tions with reference to prevention and treatment. How the poison really enters the system is an open question. An infant nursed the breast of her mother, who had the dis- ease fully developed, dying the next day, and Lithium Eskalith yet the child had Order Lithium Carbonate Online no symptoms, and the mortality Purchase Lithium Carbonate of the plague is great- est among children. A man who owned a small ferryboat rented it for dying patients. At one time the body of a woman lay in the bottom of his boat all night while he slept on a bed Buy Lithium Carbonate Online made of boards laid a few inches above the dead body. He received no harm. Of all who have doc- tored or nur.sed patients, I know of none who have taken the disease, except as they had been already exposed in an infected Louse. Unsanitary surroundings or direct inocu- lation appear to me to be necessary to- the development of the plague. The more unsanitary the Eskalith Cr 450 surrounding, the more virulent the attack. In an infected house the rats die first. The patient is usually attacked very severely. The tem- perature generally rises to 105° F., not infrequently to 106°, and sometimes to 107°. There is very apt to be a petechial eruption. Generally the glands of only one re- gion are affected, the inguinal glands on one side most fre- quently. Next in frequency are the cervical glands, and a smaller number of patients are Eskalith Er affected in one axilla. In one patient the glands in the popliteal space were the only ones affected. These swellings are usually very painful, and, if the patient survives, in many cases go on to suppu- ration. There is generally twelve hours of fever before the affection of the glands appears.

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