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of strong toxine had been injected in the beginning, and caused only a passing fever and local oedema which Famvir 250 Mg had promptly disappeared. M. Koux and M. Nocard had undertaken to con- fer on horses immunity against diphtheria becanse their ex- periments with regard to tetanus had shown that horses' serum, even in considerable doses, was harmless for the labora- tory animals and also for man. Injected under tlie Cheap Famvir skin, it was absorbed in a few minutes without causing any local reac- tion. Moreover, nothing was easier than to draw large quanti- ties of blood from the jugular vein of a horse, and from this blood a perfectly limpid serum was extracted. Tlie speaker- had seen horses from which blood had been drawn more than twenty times, and the vein had remained flexible and al?o per- meable. The antitoxic power of their serum was very Buy Famvir Online great, too, and it was easy to increase it still more. The horse, then, was to bo preferred to other animals for the preparation of antidiphtheritic sernm. On account of its indifference to the diphtheritic poison the experimenter avoided the difficulties that were found among more sensitive animals. In animals that Tccoived this antitoxine, imnmnity was acquired on the spot, so to speak, but it did not last; it disappeared gradually, in a few days or weeks, according to the power Famvir Famciclovir and the amount of the serum admini-itered. This transient immunity was very differ- ent from that, painfully acquired, but lasting, which followed carefully given and repeated injections of the diphtheritic poison. With regard to the action of serum in diphtheria of the miK IIU8 membranes, M. Roux said that the majority of the ex- periments in 8erotlicru|>y had been made on animals inoculated under the skin. liehring had cited some cases in which Buy Cheap Famvir diph- tlierin had been inoculated in the mucous membranes. Famvir Cost In re- gard to the preventive injections of serum, female guinea-pigs always resisted if a sullicient dose of the serum was injected before the miicous monibrano of Buy Famvir the vagina became inoculated. In all coMes a lalso riiembrano formed. From the second day, the local lesions diminished, the false membranes became dc- tallied, and the repair of the mucous membrane set in. With regard to serum injected after inoculation, if the false meiiilirane was alrcnily well developed, and the redness and tumefaction of the vulva were Famciclovir Famvir very pronounced, an iigection of a diiHc of from a tenlhousandth to a thousandth of the weight lit the unimni nIioiiIiI he administered, and the animal Famvir Purchase would make a gmxl rei-overy. The rapidlly with which the detach- iiieiil of the faUf moiiibrime and the illsuppearancu of the biicilli among giiima-piKii trctited with this nielhod ocriirred wnx as- toninhing. (iuineii-pigs InoiMilali'il in the trachea died ordina- rily In three ihiy^, Hheri nut trvateil, and rabbitt in from three to live dayit. Wlirn ttieiw animal* were iniiiFamvir 500 Mg in order to realize as much as ])ossibIe the conditions usually met with. After tracheotomy, the rabbits received in the trachea a mixture of streptococci and diphtheritic bacilli. The streptococci Famvir Buy had been taken from a child who had been attacked with diphtheria; they were in a pure state, did not disturb the bouillon, and were not very virulent for the rabbit. Two cubic centimetres of a recent calture in bouillon, injected into the veins of a rabbit, killed it in ten days. One cubic centimetre introduced Order Famvir Online Famvir 500 under the skin cansed an erysipelatous patch, with passing fever bnt no seri- ous constitutiopal effects. The same dose, introduced into the trachea, gave rise to a slight Purchase Famvir rise of temperature without pro- nounced uneasiness. The diphtheritic bacillus that M. Roux had associated with this streptococcus was virulent. In cases of diphtheria associated with streptococci, the sernm rarely brought Famvir Online about recovery, not because there was a formation of a larger quantity of diphtheritic toxine, or because the antitoxic action of the serum was impeded, hut because the cells attacked by the poison of the streptococci no longer felt the stimulation of the antitoxine. In these cases, asked M. Roux, might not better results be obtained by injecting simultaneously the anti- diphtheritic serum with the serum of a rabbit that was proof against erysipelns ? M. Koux undertook the treatment of diphtheria among the children at the Hdpitiil dt» enfant* malade$. No choice was made among the patients, and the general care and the local treatment were not modilied. In this manner re«ult« were brought about easily comparable with those previously obtained Out of two hundred children treated with the deruni, only .-^r- enty-cight had died, n mortality of twenty-six per cent. In the same hospital the mortality had formerly been fifty per cent. These figures, sold M. Roux, show the efficacy of the siTUin treatment. At the first mihcutaneous injection of serum the dose was twenty cubic oentimelreK. At the end of twenty-fonr hour* u Kccnnd injerticm wan given, which generally .mitlici.'il.to bring about recovery. The quiintily of liquid Injecteil varied between twenty and ninety cnhic mitlmelres Purchase Famvir Online for each pntienl. In the Journal ilf rlinitjHf *t i/i" thfrn/yfutiguf inf',iiililtOrder Famvir

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