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coinmuniraliiin, miyii that it rorrobomlei* othfr phygiiciAnh' in- veNtigiitions on IhU subject. In April. 1«!»3, Rchring and Kl piihli»licd ulnti-lios showing the percentage of reroverira lo Ite eighty. In 1S94 Khrlich. Kowel, and WimHcriniinn reported reinltn femara mg oblalneil in two huiiilred nnd twenfr ibuy cheap femara and lio filled that chair until Novemlier 28, 1882, wlicii he delivered his farewell address. Dr. IlolmCH's profcKMJonal reputation has been overshadowed by IiIh literary succoshch, and wlieii his name is mentioned it Ih oftener cheap femara iih that of the author of graceful verso buy femara online or the mriAtor purchase femara of Hparkliiig, generic femara vigorouH prose than an that of a pliysi- cian who femara price liaM rendered valuable Horvico to his profeHHlon. Aside from the perMonal Iriflucnco oxorcmod upon Harvard meriiiwd HtiidentM during bin thirty-flve active yearn at a professfir, his critinal and comprebenmvo olworvation waM engaged femara cost In the study of medical subjects. His investigations on Indigenous Intermittent Fever in New England gained one of the Boylston prizes in 1836, and in 1837 his essays on Tlie Nature and Treatment of Neuralgia and on The Utility and Importance of Direct Exploration in Medical Science gained both the Boylston prizes. He edited in 1837, in association with Professor Jacob Bigelow, Marshall Hall's Principles order femara of the iheory and Practice of Medicine. His greatest work was his essay on The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever, read before the Boston Society for Medical Improvement in 1842, of which' he subsequently wrote : '' When, by the permission of Providence, buy femara I held up to the pro- fessional public the damnable facts connected with the convey- ance of poison from one young mother's chamber to another's — for doing which humble office I desire to be thankful that femara online I have lived, though nothing else femara tablets good should ever come out of my life — I had to bear the sneers of those whose position I had assailed, and, as I believe, have at last demolished, so that nothing but the ghosts of dead women stir among the ruins." This paper, reprinted in 1843 as a pamphlet, was republished in 1855 with the title Puerperal Fever as a Private Pestilence, purchase femara online and again in 1883 as one of the order femara online papers in his volume of Medi- cal Essays. His essay on Homoeopathy and its Kindred De- lusions, published in 1842, is a trenchant and logical analysis of a pseudo-science.

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