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He was a contributor to the New England Quarterly Jour- nal of Medicine and Surgery and to the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal during the active years of his i)rofessional career. He was among finpecia hair loss the first members of the American Medical Association, and, while not a delegate to the Fourth National Sanitary Convention, he contributed to the social features of that meeting in his poem Hygeia. Long buy finpecia uk before he relinquished his professorship ho had given up general practice, and yet the literary work that made him famous was accomplished during daily periods of but three hours. With the increased leisure at his command, where to buy finpecia although in his seventy-third year, he devoted himself to literary purchase finpecia work. He once said : " When 1 see the long row of volumes that bear finpecia online pharmacy my name, it apjialls iiio to think of the number of shelves I should have filled had I been as diligent for a long series of years in literary labor as I was in acquiring and imparting scientific knowledge." Those that love his works will probably concede that, while he might have produced more books, and even books of equal merit, finpecia cipla he finpecia fda could not have written better books than those that have been the admiration of two generations'. On the occasion order finpecia of his eighty-fifth birthday ho said: " After four s('orc years the encToachments of time make themselves finpecia price felt with rapidly increasing progress. The finpecia canada twelfth septennial period has always seemed to mo one of the natural boundaries of life. One who has lived to complete his eighty-fourth year has had his full shnre even of an old nuui's allowance. What- ever is granted over that is a prodigal indulgence on the i)art of Nature. When one can no longer hear the lark, when he can nf> longer re(!ognize the faces he passes in the street, when he has to finpecia 1mg watch his steps, when it becomes more and inure difti- Oct 13, 1894.] MINOR PARAGRAPHS.— ITEMS. 471 cult for him to recall names, lie is reminded every moment finpecia online that buy finpecia online he must spare himself, for he is nearing the limit of his life." Our bereavement i» not merely national, finpecia india but one that will be felt wherever the English language is spoken, for Holmes's genius was the common heritage of the English-speaking race. Walter Beaant has voiced a general sentiment in saying: "At this moment I can not think of him as a writer to be classed or placed. I can only think of him as the man we all loved." Frater, ate atque tale ! MINOR PARAGRAPIl.S. TILA.NE INIVER.^ITY. The faculty of the Medical Department of Tulaiie Univer- sity have finpecia uk elected Dr. Rudolph Matas,- who has been demon- strator of anatomy in that institution since 1886, to fill the chair of surgery ticf Dr. Albert B. Miles, deceased. Dr. Matas entered the university as a student in 1870, served two • years as a resident student in Charity Hospital, finpecia 1 mg and was gradu- ated in 1880. During 1879 he was selected by the yellow fever commission of the National Board of Health as their clerk, and wa.s engaged in investigating yellow fever in Havana. He wa.'* a medical inspector of the National Board of Health in 1881. Ho gradually gave increasing attention to surgery, and in finpecia cost 188t> was electeil professor cheap finpecia of clinical and operative surgeiy at the New Orleans Polyclinic. Ho was an associate editor of the A'em Orleant Medical and Surgical Journal for a number of years. He is to-day probably better known in the North than any other physician in Now Orleans, his writings finpecia buy liaving displayed a thoroughness in research, a judicial deduction from facts, and an elegance in style that commenderu-«|iliiiil miminffitia Un»\m

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