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REVUE DE CHIRURGIE. December. IQ04. Note on a Case of Fistula of the Thyreoglossal Canal, B.v CoRNiL and Schwartz. Vicious Arrangement of the Ascending Colon Caused by Descent of the Right Kidney, By Alcl.we. Operative Wounds of the Thoracic Canal in the Cer- vical Region, By LeceiJe. Perforation of the Stomach Resulting from Ulcer, By Gross and Gross. Cancer of the Thyreoid, By Delore, 2. Vicious Arrangement of the Ascending Colon Caused by Descent of the Right Kidney. — Alglave draws the following conclusions: Fosamax Price i. The ■first remedy for such accidents is nephropexy by which one will relieve the ascending colon which is the initial and principal Fosamax Femur seat Fosamax Mg of the accidents tmder consideration, on account of the faulty po- sition which is imposed upon it by the prolapsed kidney. 2. Nephropexy will not remedy the in- testinal disturbances in all cases. It will some- times fail to overcome a fold of the colon which may be held firmly in place by epiploic adhesions. 3. If nephropexy does not suffice to relieve the fold of the colon with its adhesions, the latter must be Fosamax 70 Mg Weekly removed and the position and calibre of the tube restored as nearly as possible to the nor- mal.' 4. In very bad cases it will be necessary to exclude the offending loop of intestine Fosamax 10 Mg and per- form transverse ileocolostomy or ileosigmoidos- tomy. 5. This procedure may be called for in cases in which the liver is prolapsed as well as the kidney, and in which nephropexy will not re- lieve the displacement of the intestine which may te caused by the liver. 3. Operative Wounds of the Thoracic Canal in the Cervical Fosamax With Vitamin D Region. — Lecene concludes as fol- lows : I. These wounds are not frequent, neither are they exceptionally rare. 2. There are two •classes, in one of which the wound is observed in the course of the operation which has been per- formed, while in the other the symptoms indicat- ing such a wound do not appear until several days later. Alendronate Fosamax 3. In the first case a clear milk-like fluid is seen flowing into the wound in rhythmical jets. 4. In the second case there is a discharge of lymph or chyle from the Fosamax Alendronate drainage tube or from the wound. Fosamax 70 There may also Buy Fosamax be thirst, emacia- tion, oliguria, and general asthenia. 5. In the 22 cases collected by the author all the patients but one recovered. 6. If the wound is discovered during the operation the peripheral end of the divided tube must be tied. This will cause no particular disturbance. The suturing of the thoracic canal has been performed but once, and can only be done Fosamax Online when the wound is incomplete. If the wound is not discovered for several days the wound should Fosamax D be tamponed. Reopening the wound and ligating the vessel is a difficult pro- cedure, and Fosamax With D one that will seldom be imperative. GAZZETTA DEGLI OSPEDALI E DELLE CLINICHE, November 30, 1904. 1. Contribution to the Study of Cardiac Phenomena in Malaria, By Fosamax 70 Mg P. G.^lleng-^. 2. Characteristics and Significance of the Pyloric Fossa (To be continued). By Steph.\no Mircoli. 3. Local Anaesthesia with .\drenalin-Cocaine, By Giuseppe Gualdrin. 4. Thyreoid Treatment for Ophthalmic Hemicrania, By P. CONSIGLIO. I. The Heart in Malaria. — Gallenga reports three cases of malarial infection Fosamax Lawsuit in which he ob- served symptoms of cardiac insufficiency which resembled closely those Fosamax Plus D seen in acute endocarditis and m3^ocarditis accompanying infectious dis- eases. A study of these cases convinced him that the cardiac disturbances were not merely the re- sult of changes in the innervation of the heart, but were indications of a severe involvement of the myocardium. There is no doubt that the myocardium may be affected in severe cases Price Of Fosamax of malarial infection, especially in the aestivoau- tumnal type. These changes are usually func- tional only at first, but later on they may become anatomical, and more permanent. If the proper treatment be Fosamax Buy Online applied to Fosamax 35 Mg the malarial infection, however, these cases may be favorably influenced. The functional disturbances of the heart may,

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