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might explain the cause of non-union in the case reported by Dr. Gillette. Bad results Order Griseofulvin after osteotomy were often Grifulvin V due to faulty a|)plication of dressings by inexperienced as- sistants. He thought that Where To Buy Griseofulvin the most common mistake after osteotomy was in allowing the patients to go around with- out ])ro[)er mechanical sup[iort. Buy Grifulvin Some such form of support should be worn by the patient for at least Buy Griseofulvin a year alter an osteotomy. Relief of the Spondylitic Spine from the Concussion of Buy Griseofulvin Online Walking. — l>r. -I. C. SLiDGE, on behalf Buy Grifulvin V of Dr, Halsted Myers, of New York, described a new method of operating in these cases of club- foot. He said that when it was necessary to remove one of the bones of the foot Dr. Myers advised making a Buy Grifulvin Online small incision over Generic Griseofulvin the bone and scooping out all the spongy tissue in the in- terior of the bone with a Volkniann spoon. After this had been done, comparatively Purchase Griseofulvin little force was necessary to restore the foot to its natural position. The Discussion on Flat-foot Griseofulvin Online was then resumed. Dr. SiiAFFKR spdkc of tin- iiiechanism of its production, and illustrated liis remarks by a sim[)lc mechanical model. lie said Buy Cheap Griseofulvin that there was practically no motion at the foot, and that the cen- ter of motion at the Grifulvin V 500 ankle joint [lasscd transversely through the astragalus at about the external malleolus. The motion of the ankle joint occurred Grifulvin V Micr on a remote axis. Referring to the model, one would see that when the gastrocnemius mnsclo was short- ened there woulil be a flattening of the plantar arch, and that if these tissues were weakened in any way the arch would yield. The calcaneus variety of clubfoot was exai'tly the Griseofulvin Buy result of Order Griseofulvin Online tlat- foot. In order that a Hat Purchase Griseofulvin Online foot should be jiroduced, the motion must be blocked at or near a right angle. Dr. K. L. MrCfKDY, of Dennison, Col., said that he had made some experiments in regard to the motion of the ankle

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