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In the first place, says M. Puech, it must be observed that the theories propounded up to tlie present time in regard to rhachitis are hardly Imigran Mg convincing. Parrot's syphilitic theory, established Order Imigran on anatomico-|iathological resemblance, is not ten- able. Malnutrition leads much more to athrepsia and to maras- mus than to rhachitis; moreover, the bones of children who succumb do not offer any characteristic lesions of the latter. The theory which attributes rhachitis to the dissolution of the calcareous salts of the bones by the lactic acid' formed in the stomach in large quantities when diarrhoea and digestive troubles exist has never been proved ; if it was true, all dys- pejitios would become rhachitic. To attribute rhachitis to a defect of assimilation of the phos- phate of calcium, under the infiuence of digestive troubles, is to forget that there are rhachitics who digest their food well and have always done so. Again, why do not all children with digestive troubles absorb ])hosphate of calcium c(|ually well, since all are not similarly affected ? The nervous theory is no more acceiitable. Certain troubles observed among rhachitics are oftener manifestations of hysteria than of rhachitis. Like many infectious diseases, rhachitis is a disease of regu- lar stages; it runs through its three periods Imigran Tablets — the rise, the crisis, and the recovery — with .so great a regularity that all treat- ments practiced up to the present day do not seem in any way to counteract it. Rhachitis is also a contagious disease. M. ChaumiiT had often seen all or nearly all the children in the same family at- tacked with the disease. In Purchase Imigran Online asylums and in i)laces where a number of people live together one may nearly always find a large number of rhachitics. One may expect, then, to see an epidemic c(mdition arise. Baginsky, Henoch, Honadel, and M, C'liaiirnier himself have noted that in certain years the number of rhachitics was l.irger. The observation 8f animals confirms the remarks made here in regard to human beings. During the course of the last year a true epidemic broke out among young pigs in a part of the department of the Indre-et-I,oire. The histological examinali I' tin- hones of two pigs thai liad surviveOrder Imigran Online the aver- age weight of a dry grain of wheat from the midiUe of the ear." Imigran Price This, says the author, might lead us to infer that our present grain weight refiresented the weight of an average grain of wheat at the time when '.he standard was established. But careful weighing of good samples of wheat has convinced Mr. Lloyd that such an inference would be erroneous, and that modern grains of wheat do not average a grain in weight. It is exceptional for an abnormally large wheat Generic Imigran grain to weigh a grain. After studying the subject further he arrived at the fact that, while the grain weight actually represented the weight of average grains of wheat about rix hundred years ago. this standard had been changed two hundred years later. Johnsons i'nirersiil Cyclopailia gives the following summ.iry of that fuel in the iletinition of the worBuy Imigran should weigh a pennyweight, of which twenty should go to the ounce; but finally in the twelfth year of Henry VII the pennyweight came to be divided into twenty-four grains." Thu- it is seen that thirty-two standard grains of wlieat were used -ix hundred years ago to establi.-h the pennyweight, whictli then became the unit of weight. This pennyweight about two hundred years afterward was divided into twenty- four parts; hence, one pennyweight, or Buy Cheap Imigran twenty-four Imigran Online grains, should now hulancu thirty-two Buy Imigran Online grains of wheat, if wheat still confonns in size and weight to the standard taken as an aver- ago of wheat ill the year I'JGii. In order, then, to conform to the slandanl employed by the statute of Henry VII, one hun- dred grains of wheal should weigh only seveiity-tive grains. We have Purchase Imigran thus a well-established .standard concerning the weight of wheat six hundred years ago, and an average of the wheat ut the present time should show the eflTeet that time and

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