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SUPERVISED EXERCISE IN TUE PROPHYLAXIS OF PULMONARY PHTHISIS* By GLENTWORTH R. BCTLER, A. M.. M. D.. BROOKLTN. PHTTICTAN TO lamisil purchase THE METHODIST (SEXEV) HOSPITAL ; LtCTCBER OJi Pl'BLir HTIilEXE, PHTPIOIX)OT. AKD STRSINO, PRATT IX!*TlTtTE ; T1CE-PRE6IDENT OP TBE A3CEB1CAN CLUf ATOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION. PciMO.VARY tuberculosis is essentially a disease of de- fective nutrition. Its immediate microbian factor is uni- versally acknowledged, but underlying the bacillary growth is a certain vulnerability of the tissues. Pathogenic germs require definite conditions for their growth. If the neces- sary conditions are absent, growth and lamisil spray multiplication cease. Without question, the tissues of the human body vary in tlieir susceptibility to the advances of the tubercle bacil- lus. This susceptibility varies in different individuals, and in the same individual at different times. The proof is so obvious that it simply reijuires mention. The cost of lamisil large ma- jority of civilized individuals are exposed to the entrance of the bacilli into different parts of the body, but only the minority, sadly large, to be sure, surrender to the invasion. The fact that pulmonary tuberculosis occurs in a given organism, develops t a given point, and then under changed conditions and environment is arrested, constitutes proof positive of variance in the resisting power of the indi- vidual. Improvement or arrest can not be credited lamisil at gel to specific iiuMlication, for specific medication in phthisis is as yet a chimera. \ consideration of the anatomical situation of the bacilli in this diseiute should at once dispel any hope of direct germicidal treatment. Imbedded a.s they are in thick mucus, fibrous tissue, and epithelial dibri*, and situ- ali'd somewhere at the ends of an intricate system of branching tubes, which constantly grow smaller, the more iiii-chanical difliculties are in.superHblc. This statement ap- plies not only to nebulized solutions, but to vapors as wi'll. lamisil 250 The only way by which vapr)r8 lamisil tablet enter the air cells is bv dif- fusion, and the mere surface contact of a gaj) is not lamisil cream sutli- cient to act as a germicide. The well-known ditliciilty of Ntt'rilizing the exfernni price of lamisil surface what is lamisil of lamisil 250 mg tlie body in .siirgiral practice bears upon this point. The hard scnibbing and pro|ongelamisil online nature of immunity — natural, lost, or reaccpiireil — is still a myslcry. The trrnis useil to cluiracteri/.e it hIiow lliemNlveii a mere begging "f the <|iieHtion. PrediNpuNi- tiiin, proper soil, hypotrophy, vulnerability, involviUH livpollieses and snmrwliat mi-luphysical npeculations, wliii-li, while of extreme interest, run not be cluinied to repre Anivrlnn Clliniilnlonical A> rlnUim, WMliinKloo. M»; IV, INV4 weighed or measured except as to their manifestations. Dynamic variations of cell power are not yet visible to the microscope, except in their grosser results. Granting that the essence of life power is unknown, it is nevertheless a lamisil one convenience to lamisil oral use the terras mentioned. A certain vulnerability, then, is antecedent to the de- velopment of pulmonary tuberculosis. On analysis, all measures directed toward its prevention or arrest act di- rectly or indirectly toward improving the resisting lamisil lotion power of the tissues. An exception must be made of those means which tend to lessen the chances lamisil at cream of infection — viz., the de- struction of bacilli laden sputa, disinfection of infected rooms, houses, or food, and the limitation of prolonged and close contact with the consumptive. The measures employed for the lamisil gel prevention or arrest of phthisis may lamisil terbinafine be classified as follows, omitting any form of quarantine or disinfection : Climate, abode, and outdoor life. Medication, general and local. Personal hygiene and habits of life. Exercise, general and special, with its corollary, rest. Diet. I have no intention of specifying the relative impor- tance of these lines of treatment. It is not safe to neglect any one of them, so lamisil at far as compatible with the circum- stances and condition of the patient. Any device or meas- ure that will strengthen and fortify the cells and tissues of the body should be carefully sought after and employed if practicable. Realizing thoroughly the importance of broad treat- ment in this as in other disejises, I beg to call particular attention to one of these items — exercise. I ara very firmly convinced from lamisil at spray fairly large personal observation that regulated exercise as a theraj>eutic re-

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