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source is neglected by many physicians. This neijlect does not arise lasix 40 mg from ignorance, because this subject has been fully and scientifically exploited in various periodical and systamatic publications. It is more akin to the feeling with which one regards some of the English classics — as most worthy of regard, but not suited for practical every- day use. In prescribing exercise the supreme im|)ort»nce of ex- act attention to detail should be en)phasized. It is impor- tant in all things, but a matter of necessity in this. The title of a paper by Weir Mitchell may well stick in the mind. "Precision in the Treatmunt of ('hrt>nic Disease buy lasix online " in a most felicitous phrase, and lasix with potassium beautifully descriptive of the mental attiludi- which should exist in the mind of the physician who is treating pulmonary tuberculosis, imminent or acijuired. There are two cinitses of cases in which exercise is of a |>eculinr value ; I, The pretubercular status. 9. Incijiienl tuberculosis. The boundary linei« can not be laid down wiin ii.-oim.- aocnracy. lasix furosemide The pernonal equation of the obnorver lasix renal is a fac- tor in njuiigning an indixiduni cane to its pn>per claw. Hroadiv -(peaking, the fir-at I'laM ronipriacn tlioiM< in 482 BUTLER: SUPERVISED EXERCISE IN THE PROPHYLAXIS OF PHTHISIS. [N. Y. Med. Jodb., which the conditions presented iv lasix give rise to a reasonable probability that phthisis will develop ; the second class those in which the signs and symptoms are such as to show bevond peradventure that tuberculosis exists, but only to an extent that warrants one in terming it " incipient." The classification is a good working formula, if not scien- tifically correct. The lasix for symptoms and signs, in greater or less number, and to a greater or less degree, presented by the pretuber- cular status are : Progressive loss of weight, languor, dysp- noea, irregular or absent menstruation, anorexia or capri- cious appetite, insomnia, tubercular family history, online lasix neuras- thenia, poor chest expansion, deformity of chest — viz., non physiological asymmetry or depressions — slight cough, afternoon temperature normal, or 99° F. : finally, absence of decisive pulmonary physical signs. The symptoms and signs of the second class — incipient phthisis — are lasix purchase so familiar that it is unnecessary to recapitu- late them. Haemoptysis is an event that is well-nigh pathognomonic. The physical signs may be so slight as to require the most careful and repeated examinations for their detection or so well marked that the diagnosis is at once indubitable. The history may include a previous pul- monary or pleuritic afiection. The clinical picture should not exceed in its coloring the limitations understood by the term " incipient." Exercise may be either general or local. The benefits of general exercise may be briefly mentioned : Increase in bulk and strength of muscles, stronger action of heart, im- proved circulation — arterial, venous, lasix buy and lymphatic; in- crease of respiratory capacity, better action of skin, in- potassium lasix creased depurative functions, improved lasix 40mg sleep, appetite, and diu'cstion, and last, but by no means least, a decided bet- tering of the nervous lasix and potassium system. The motor mechanisms of the body are not solely muscular, they are neuro-mnscular. Uelasix to buy increase the ease and full- nesH of the pulmonary circulation, and to promote the iii- I.Tchangc of gases and the general supply of oxygen to the tissues. According to the tablet lasix rule that full use of any organ adds to its fiinctioniil energy and structural development, it is projierly said that pulmonary exercise brings the vital force of the lungs to its maximum. " Maximum vital force of the lungs" means that the ••ells of the various tissues rr)m[iosing lasix mg the lungs are brought to the highest attainable perfection of structure and function, so far as this is di'- |,.iiili-iil, on I heir full and proper use. The exercises which may be lasix cheap properly termed "pulmo- nary " are those which bring into special action the mus- cles of inspiration and expiration, ordinary and extraordi- nary, and also tend to place the head, neck, shoulders, and thorax into lasix order such positional relations that the expansion of

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