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Rarefied air. " Passive. Finally, inspiration and expiration of air at i( i( atmospheric pressure. as Purchase Lioresal in normal breathing and pulmonary gym- nastics. • ()|i(!rntrir, MIkh I.indlcy, of New York, Buy Baclofen f tty MiiM .Miiri-h. It will be seen by examination of these combinations that — (a) Inspiration of compressed air is always passive and does not strengthen the Purchase Lioresal Online mu.scles of Generic Lioresal inspiration. (6) Inspiration of rarefied air is active and strengthens the muscles of inspiration ; but the negative pressure of the inhaled air diminishes and hinders chest expansion. (c) Inspiration at atmospheric pressure is active, strengthens the Lioresal 10 Mg muscles of inspiration, and there Lioresal Mg is no hin- drance to expansion of chest. (rf) Expiration into compressed air is the only mode Lioresal Price which strengthens the muscles of expiration. Practically this is equivalent to interpolating a greater or less resist- ance to expiration. I claim, therefore, that voluntary active inspiration of air Cheap Lioresal at ordinary pressure is the best method of Lioresal 25mg securing permanent improvement in the respiratory capacity, because it is the most efficacious in strengthening the muscles Buy Lioresal Online of inspiration. This, in substance, is accomplished by super- vised pulmonary exercise. If it is desired Buy Cheap Lioresal to especially strengthen the muscles of expiration and to Order Lioresal cause hyperdistention of the air cells, that Lioresal Online end may be attained by the use of the resistance valves of S. Solis-Cohen or Dennison, or even the Order Lioresal Online simple Buy Cheap Baclofen breath- ing tube. The latter is Buy Baclofen Online unscientific because there is Lioresal Tablets no means of varying the resistance. Facilitation of gaseous interchange and certain circula- tory effects are claimed for the use of air at varying pres- sures. Probably these claims arc well founded, although the evidence is largely theoretical. Neverlhcloss, the con- tinuance of Buy Lioresal the pressure is comparatively so biiid' tli.il these effects Lioresal Intrathecal must be evanescent.

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