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passes around the base and takes of? the growth. Several sittings may be required when the growth is large. The method Order Lopid Online is not dangerous and 'the author reports successful removals in thirty cases. He makes the proviso, however, that the growth must be benign, and that it must be situated fa- vorably for snaring. Many cases of benign t^rowths have been permanently cured by this method. For malignant tumors, the only opera- tive Lopid Price treatment is high cystotomy and removal of the growth, together with a portion of the Gemfibrozil Price blad- der. This operation gives a high mortality and is not always successful if the patient lives. Some patients develop intractable fistulas. The tumors situated at the bottom of the bladder are espe- cially difficult to treat. In such cases palliative measures can do a great deal. The use of nar- cotics, among them the newer sedatives, may be employed. Heat Lopid Mg in every form also gives relief, especially hot baths, compresses, and irrigations with hot silver nitrate solutions. 2. Hypertrophic Salpingitis.^ — Rouzski thinks that the subject of diseases of the Falloppian tubes has not been thoroughly worked out in spite of the exhaustive investigations of Martin and others. The classification of diseases of the .salpinx is not satisfactory, and but little is known concerning the condition which Rouzski de- scribes ; namely, hypertrophic salpingitis accom- panied by a growth Gemfibrozil 600 of muscle tissue in the walls of the tubes. He reports Buy Cheap Lopid two cases of this type and seeks to establish its characteristics. He de- fines myosalpingitis, on the strength of his own cases and of the observations recorded in litera- Buy Lopid ture, Gemfibrozil 600 Mg as an inflammatory condition of the salpinx characterized by an increased thickness of the muscular layers, without any enlargement in the lumen of the tube. The name hypertrophic myo- salpingitis is suggested as oft'ering a contrast with chronic hypertrophic interstitial salpingitis. The disease occurs for Lopid 600mg the most part Lopid Tablets in young women at the height of sexual life, and not in middle-aged women. Schauta thinks that this is because there is a retrograde degeneration of the muscular structures in the tubes after the climacteric, just as sometimes occurs in fibroid tumors. The right tube seems to be most fre- quenth' affected. The cause of the primary in- flammation is undoubtedly microbic in character, and possibly it is gonorrhoea! in most instances. The hypertrophy also is due to an increased con- traction of the tubes, owing to Generic Lopid the Lopid 60 Mg obstruction of the peritoneal opening or the accumulation of material within the tube. Only in one recorded case was the peritoneal opening patulous. The hypertrophy is, therefore, largely mechanical in origin. The symptoms of hypertrophic salpin- gitis diit'er in no way from those of other forms of the Gemfibrozil 600mg disease, and are accompanied by the com- January 28, 1905.] PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 195 plicating- conditions of endometritis, oophoritis, and peritonitis, local or general. Lopid Cost A prominent feature is the coincidence of the attacks of pain, etc., with Buy Lopid Online the menstrual periods, and the presence of pain on Gemfibrozil Cost one side only when one tube is hyper- trophic. The only treatment possible is the re- moval of the affected tube. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. January si, igoS- [. The Treatment of Acute Anterior Poliojnyelitis by Nerve Transplantation, By WiLLi.\M G. Spiller and Charles H. Frazier. 2. Intestinal Obstruction in Gemfibrozil Mg Children, By John F. Erdmann. .V Choice of a Time of Election in Mastoid Operations. Some Considerations Arising from the Cheap Lopid Difficulties of the Choice. Prospective Results, By D. A. Kuyk. 4. Order Lopid Two Cases of Objective Aural Tinnitus Due to the Action of Tubopalatal Muscles, By Walter A. Wells. 5. Osmology and Pharmacodynamics, By Heinrich Stern. 6. Some Problems of Presbyopia, By George M. Gould.

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