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evident. Isolation, prophylaxis, placarding of the house, anxiety of parents, intelligent treatment, subsequent disin- fection, a statistical knowledge of the number of cases of real diphtheria, of membranous croup, and of similar di.sease.s, and various other important considerations all depend u[)on the bacteriological diagnosis. We should Lopressor 100 Mg ask physicians and homa-opathic practitioners to send in inoculated tubes from every form of exudative throat affection they meet with. 'I'lien our statistics would be of some value. Within about twenty hours after a gninea-pig is in- oculated by the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus there is u soft a*dcma noticeal)le at the point of infection. The next day there is dyspiid-a, and the animal can not stand up when laid upon its back or side, (inineu-pigs of four hundred l^^raniiiieH weight die in from thirty-six to forty-eight Lopressor Xl hours, but bigger guinea- pigs may live for sixty hours. They die of toxit-Miiii, and then there is no bncillus found in (he cir- culation, or they dii! with a chanicteriHtic paralysis. In children llie bacilli are found in the membrane and in the Hputuiii, uiid they reinain inrecliouH in some leases for weeks after all symptoms of the disease have passed away from the patient. They get upon cups, glasses, the hands ; upon beds, the floor, the clothing and instruments- of physicians, and upon the wails of the Lopressor Online house. Professor Fliigge [Zeitschr. f. Hygiene u. Infectionskrank., lopressor 50mg Bd. xvii) says that if they are dried and covered over from light and air by saprophytes, they live from seven to nine months and probably longer. He thinks that althougli they may remain alive, they do lopressor 50 not grow in earth, water, or on house walls, but that they may multiply imperfectly in lopressor 25 mg milk, upon meat, and in other places where they obtain nourishment. A somewhat low temperature, moist air, and darkness favor growth. Jn summer thej' are easily dried out, and they are more active in houses during the winter months than in summer. Welch [Medical News, May 16, 1891) told us all these facts years ago. Cheap Lopressor Cases of diphtheria are not lopressor 25mg so fre- quent during July and August, and this intermission may lopressor 50 mg be caused in part by the condition of school vacation. In two cases where I took cultures from near the tip of the tongue of children dead with diphtheria the growth was as plentiful as if the culture had been taken from the mem- brane. This suggests Order Lopressor local treatment for the entire mouthy not merely for the membrane. Sidney Martin, in a paper on the Chemical Pathology of Diphtheria [Report of the Local Oovernment Board, London, 1891-'92, vol. xxi), describes how he isolated the poison of the bacillus, but he arrives at conclusions which Buy Lopressor other bacteriologists will probably not fully admit, lie extracted by alcohol from the tissues of patients dead with diphtheria a light yellowish- brown powder soluble in water, and consisting almost solely of deutero-albumose and a small quantity of proto-albumose. There was no peptone present. It gave all the ordinary reactions of proteids, and was completely precipitated from solution by saturation with ammonium sulphate. There was no or- ganic base or alkaloid found. . His study of the parenchy- matous degeneration of lopressor 12.5 mg the peripheral nerves is valuable, and it confirms the observations of Dejorinc and Meyer. From the membrane Martin got a proteid, much hetero- albumose, and some proto-albumose and deutero-albumose. These last three substances indicate a process of digestion. The membrane poison, moreover, is stronger lopressor hct than that ex- tracted from the tissues. Ho purchase lopressor maintains that the Bacillus diphtheriw liberates a proteolytic enzyme which forms albumose and an organic Lopressor Mg acid in the body, and that these digested products are the agents which cause fever, paral- ysis, and death. It is almost morally certain that he had associated bacteria in the membranes ho worked upon. He does not allude to this matter, but their picsciuc should throw some doubt upon his deductions. The bacillus and lopressor 12.5 its poison arc very tenacious of life and lopressor 25 virulence. Iloux and Yersin say the dry extract will resist 100° (J. longer than twenty minutes (quoted in the Zcitsch.f. Illopressor price crystallization and consequent falling Buy Lopressor Online out of the bichloride. Nothing need be said about steam disinfection, but in cities which have no steam plant there often exists the utterly erroneous notion that the diphtheria bacillus may be killed by sulphur fumes. Sulphur fumes will kill moist diphtheria bacilli, but not the dry bacilli, especially when these are covered by a glaze of mucus or by sapro- phytes, unless the disinfection be carried on in a reverber- atorv chamber or by burning enough sulphur to destroy the

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