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that were to be inhaled in solution — i. e., water when maxalt melt 10mg used in form of steam — are condensed and precipitated as soon as they reach the upper air-passages, which continually, like all the air- passages, are saturated with moisture. By this means, therefore, we can not expect to reach and therapeu- tically affect the diseased parts of the lung. In searching for a good and rational method 1 found a special therapy o£ insufflation which had been described and published about five years ago in the New York Medi- cal Journal by Dr. Loebinger, a physician of this city. After having carefully read his article, in which the author reports such gratifying results, I made up my mind to give maxalt rpd 10mg his method a trial. I may here anticip.ite maxalt tablets that the results which I obtained were very satisfactory, I should even like U> say brilliant. It really seems peculiar to me that such a good thing has not as yet attracted the attention of the medical fraternity, for with the exception of a few medical reviews and encyclopa'dias — Hare's excellent System of TherapeuticK also mentions it — I have failed to find any- thing about it in nicdi(!al maxalt 5 mg literature. The main cause for the author's publicationH having been overlooked probably was that they «|>|>cared at the exciting time when llic inediciil world was caught in a really fearful manner l>y tlu; furor tuhercutiniiK h'or/iii. After having had such excellent re- 8ult.s with maxalt mlt generic thiH method of treatment, whicli, l>y the way, is a vrrry handy one for private |)ractice, heing cHpecially adapti^d for odice maxalt melts work, 1 feel it alinoHl a credit to myself to herewith bring it into publicity and thus save it from the oblivion into which it had fallen. The treatment is free from any internal medication, and consists of an insufflation into the lungs maxalt mlt price of a peculiar pow- der mixture. Insufflations are extensively used for the treatment of diseases of the larynx, but applying them to the lungs for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis certainly is a new and novel method. At once there arise two ques- tions which a priori have to order maxalt online be answered — namely (a), whether the maxalt cost insufflated powder really is capable of reach- ing the lung tissue, and (b) whether it does not irritate and thus act injuriously on the upper air-passages. Then there remains to be discussed whether and to what extent a healing effect is induced. The first is there a generic for maxalt question is readily and affirmatively answered by the following facts : At almost every autopsy we can, in examining the lungs, detect that the inspired atmosphere has carried along with it, even into the deepest lung tissue, all kinds of dust with which it was impregnated, and that for this reason and from this fact the lungs of city people, who live in an atmosphere very rich in dust, show a characteristic appearance. Men who during their work are exposed to an extraordinary and particularly dusty atmosphere show in their lungs certain chronic changes which differ a great deal from the appearances of the lungs which were exposed to street dust, and they constitute a series of diseases known as dust-inhalation diseases. These, of course, are all vulgar facts known to every physi- cian, but, inasmuch as I maxalt rpd 10 have repeatedly been asked maxalt mlt coupon by col- leagues whether the insufflated powder reached the tissue of the lung into which it was directed, I may mention buy maxalt online the following : Ever since Zenker's classical work in the German medical Archiv, xiii, it has been known as an indisputable fact that the lung pigments found in cases of anthracosis, siderosis, and chalicosis pulmonum do not, as was former- ly believed, originate within the blood, but that the cor- puscular elements serving as a foundation for these pig- ments are conveyed with the inspired air not only into the alveoli of the lungs, but even into the interstitial tissue and into the bronchial glands. This may serve as a hint point- ing to the actual possibility of therapeutically affecting tubercular maxalt melt foci which are scattered about in different parts of the lung tissue even somewhat distant from the air-pas- sages proper. With what other form of local therapy could one expect to reach the bronchial glands which, as has in particular been stated by Dr. cheap maxalt I'rudden, arc the ter- minal point of tubercular disease? .\ further point is that the changes brought about by the action of dust consist in chronic inflammation ending in either induration or gradual destruction and necrosis fol- lowed by cicatrization of the respective lung tissue. cost of maxalt Is this not the aim wo have in treating the destructions ]iro(luc('maxalt mlt tablets Pick, Mor- gan) and cspcciHlly those working in linic |iit,s (Mongont) — another point worthy of being reniembcri'ii. Oct. 20, 1S94.] MUXD: A XEM' LOCAL TREATMEXT OF PULMOSARY TUBERCULOSIS. 491 The former methods of insufflation were price of maxalt defective ones. Tt is not only the material composing the insufflation pow- der on which the treatment depends — the main thing lies in a proper means by which we can infallibly, with everv application, reach the locus affectus, or maxalt canada at least approach it as closely as possible.

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