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l.oil ll.'lll >■> (In. .' .,.,li,,ii ..,.1 .k., I., fl.;. .1,..,.. ' il... 49i BODENHAMER : CREOSOTE AS USED FIFTY YEARS AGO. [N. Y. Med. Jcub., great repugnance of patients generally to take tliis remedy by mouth, on account of its pungent and disgusting taste and odor, is entirely obviated; for we should always con- sider that in the employment of any official remedy it is not only necessary and important to know in what case, in what dose, in what form, but also by what channel it should be administered. Indeed, we can not, therefore, too stronglv urge upon the profession the great benefit to be derived from the injection of this remedy by the rectum or the colon, which in the hands of the writer has produced such unvarying good results, and to the use of which Generic For Mirapex no valid objections can be successfully urged. Now, since it is generally admitted Mirapex 1 Mg that the stomach will not tolerate the creosote in sufficiently large doses to produce decided and satisfactory effects upon the disease, almost all conceivable channels, as substitutes, have been employed by able authorities since 1876, to introduce Cheap Mirapex this remedy into the system otherwise than by the stomach, such as inhalation by the respiratory passages, by hypo- dermic injections, by intrapulmonary injections, by intra- tracheal Mirapex Generic injections, by rectal injections, by laryngeal appli- cations, etc. But the very important question concerning the best channel or channels by which it should be Mirapex Price intro- duced into the system in pulmonary tuberculosis remains as yet, so far as the knowledge of the writer extends, un- answered and undecided by the majority of these authori- ties. As regards the inhalation of the remedy, it is well known that this method has frequently been employed with but very partial success, and can not therefore be re- lied upon Generic Mirapex alone in tubercular phthisis, except in the incipi- ent or very early stage of the disease. But might it not be Mirapex Cost employed with advantage as an adjuvant measure in the advanced stage of the disease if adopted conjointly with the administration of the same remedy, either per os or per rectum. The disease might thus be the more effectually reached by these two conjoint methods of administration. But right in the midst of these several substitutes, as methods or channels of administering creosote, exclusive of the stomach, comes now the announcement that a com- plete substitute for the original creosote is found in the new form, creosote carbonate. Mirapex 0.25 Mg This product is said to be prepared from Pramipexole Mirapex the best beech-tar creosote, and contains over ninety per cent, of that article. It is further declared to be taken without the least repugnance, and agrees well with the most sensitive patients, the stomach never rebel- ling even when taken in large doses. It has been employed by two French physicians with marked success, who sav that it can be taken in almost any dose by the most di li- cafc stomach, and is destined to replace the original crco- Kotc in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. It is sin- cerely to be hoped that these statements may be verified. Now, as regards the writer himself, he has Mirapex For Rls always been an advocate of rectal medication under certain conditions and circntiiHtnnceH, and has demoimtrated many years ago that meiliciiie properly j)repared may he introdueed into the rectum or into the colon with great ease, with entire Hufety, and with prompt ami decided effect; that medi- cines thus arlininistered have the decided advantage of those wlii'h ari' given prr on l.y being transmitled simul- taneously into both the portal and the systemic circula- tion and of producing their immediate Mirapex Coupons action upon the organs which they specifically affect ; that through the rectal medium the most decided therapeutical impressions may be made upon the various iipportant Mirapex Coupon viscera of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis, as is plainly set forth in the writer's essay on Rectal Medication, published in 1878. Mirapex Litigation If creosote in proper strength could easily and without danger be directly applied to the diseased portions of the lungs in tubercular phthisis, and there produce its full local effect, as it does in the same disease in the rectum, we would have much stronger hopes of saving greatly increased numbers of such cases than by depending alone upon the remote or general effect of the remedy. The writer here takes pleasure in recording the fact that the able French physician, M. Audeond, in a very re- cent valuable monograph upon this subject, demonstrates most fully and conclusively that the rectum is the most Buy Mirapex Online eligible organ to which this remedy — creosote — should be addressed in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis [Traitement de la tuberculose pulmonaire par la creosote ad- ministree par voie rectale). It is worthy of observation here Mirapex Rls that as a general rule, according What Is Mirapex to the experience Mirapex Er of the writer, the creosote even in much larger doses is better borne and more easily re- tained in Mirapex 0.125 Mg the colon than in the rectum ; consequently, should the latter organ, from idiosyncrasy or some unusual cause, Buy Mirapex

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