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not be in a condition to tolerate the creosote in Meloxicam Meloxicam sufficiently large quantities, it can be introduced through and beyond the rectum into the colon by means of a recto-colonic tube attached to Order Mobic a small syringe, or by the use of the writer's graduated three-ounce syringe, having a screw piston and a rubber tube ten inches long. The rectum or the colon will tolerate the injection much better, and it will not excite peristalsis when passed slowly from the syringe, as Mobic Cost it does by this instrument, for Cheap Mobic the sudden distention of or the pressure on the parietes of the rectum or colon may, by the force of the common syringe, tend to induce the riisus defacans. The following figure represents the syringe Meloxicam 15mg : Before administering the remedy prr rectum that organ, if filled with ficces, should be emptied by an enema of warm water so as not to foul the medicine or cause it to be too soon rejected. The advice to empty the rectum is, however, su])erfiuous with regard to those who declare and teacii that the rectum is always empty except .'it llic moment when the fieces are ra])idly jiassing through it, ,iiid lliat it is in no sense a tem]iorary receptacle for fieeal matter, etc. 'i'liey thus degradt! this richly endowed and equi|)ped organ Oct. 20, 1894.] BODEXHAMEE: CREOSOTE AS USED FIFTY TEARS AGO. 49.1 bv converting it into a mere faucet, or rapid transit, as Buy Mobic Online it were, for the Irausmission or elimination of Meloxicam Mg tlie residuum of digestion. After the injection of the remedy, should there be a strong or an almost irresistible desire to pass it, as is the case sometimes when there exists an exquisitely irritable state of the organ, a sponge or a.fold of cloth dipped in hot water and firmly pressed up against the anus and held there for a few minutes will generally appease the de- sire Mobic Price and enable the patient to retain the injection. The wTiter will now repeat some remarks which he made Purchase Mobic Online and published a number of years ago upon the na- ture, pathology, and diagnosis of tubercular disease of the rectum. Rectal Tuberculosis. — It is Meloxicam 15 .said that tubercles in the lungs are essential to their existence in other organs — that is, that they are always developed in the lungs first. But , this is not always so, for it is well known that they What Is Meloxicam are J often found in the diflFerent parts of the body when their existence could not be diagnosticated in the lungs. The writer has seen and treated a number of cases of Mobic Mg rectal tu- berculosis as a purely ^jrimary affection. In Order Mobic Online these instances the disease seemed to have been developed in the rectum first ; as a general rule, however, whenever the affection is developed in any one organ or part, it is liable to invade all others ; it doubtless, however, originates in the lungs in the majority of instances. liectal tuberculosis requires prompt and energetic treat- ment, or it will speedily result in ulceration, in abscess, and fistula, especially if in the inferior portion of the rectum. When it extends into the descending colon it is commonly called consumption of the bowels, and is often attended by many Generic Mobic of the symjitoms of tubercular phthisis, which it very much simulates, and in which it ultimately terminates, un- les.H Purchase Mobic timely arrested. In this instance the diseiise originates n the rectum, but subseMobic Tablets their con- <:oniilaiilN, absccHH and tistula, one of the coniplicalions of jihlhisiN. Here the primary disease is phthisis, anr\im the result of other chnmii' nlTeclions — ns the ulcers which are known to or<-ur in the litst stages of soini' low fevers, in clironic ilyNentery and dinrrlnen, or in personN of a lax, lympliatii-, or scrofuluun cunatitutioti. Such ulcers, if not cured, nTti linble to renull in rectal stricture, or in anal abscess or tistula, and ultimately in phthisis in those predisposed to it. Diagnosis. — Some of the diseases of the pelvis or anal Mobic Online

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