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It may be observed here that the discovery of the ba- cillus of tuberculosis by Koch and the many daily discov- eries by others, together with the experimental practice of medicine of the present day, mark motrin 100 mg a distinct era in the history of our art, and are a positive evidence of the revolu- tion which is now most surely taking place cvs motrin in medicine. Jiut the result conserjuent upon such a disturbing and tluc- tuating element as a medical revolution causes by its sud- den kaleidoscopic changes in the theory and the motrin 1000mg practice of medicine and surgery, and especially in that of materia medica, iinposeN upon the conscientious and busy practi- tioner a constant, most diflicult, and laborious task, which requires on his part diligence and careful scrutiny in order lo enable liirn to keep well abreast of these many and va- ried innovations. Me must, therefore, keep wide Jiwake and on llic qui nine, l(!Ht lie fall liehind the times or beneath the motrin 18 feel of llie innovators or revolulionlsts ; he nnist not dcHpond, however, but take courage and try to console liim- Hclf witli the pleasing rt^lleclion that inasmucli as inedicinc iM both an (:xperimr:iilal and a progrcHsive art, substantial benelil und ultimate progress may yet be the result, of all this [.renent commolioii in 'it ; he iiiust therefore' bear the prcMi'n;, cvIIh |)ati<'ntly, and be careful not to attempl, to iirn-Ht motrin discontinued or to hinder innextra strength motrin to another. The Treatment. โ€” Rectal tuberculosis as a primary motrin 500 dis- ease may easily be cured in any of its stages by the use of creosote applied directly to the morbid parts, by injecting the properly prepared remedy into the rectum. The motrin eq treat- ment should if possible be always commenced motrin products at an 800 milligram motrin motrin ad earlv stage of the disease, motrin gel caps especially before ulceration takes place ; for such ulcers, when situated within the limits of the anal sphincters, are often very painful, like anal fissure, and are very liable to result in abscess and fistula, which would prove very pernicious sequehe, but not hopelessly so, for the writer has successfully treated a number of such cases, and some in which the disease extended up some considerable distance into the descending colon, including its sigmoid flexure. Such cases fifty years ago, on account of the loss of flesh and strength, the hectic fever, the night sweats, etc., which more or motrin 500 mg less usually attend this affec- tion, were generally considered to be the effect or the result of pulmonary tuberculosis, or in some way associated with it, and not as a primary disease of the rectum itself ; hence the disease, with any of its attendants โ€” ulceration, abscess, or fistula โ€” was regarded in the light of a natural emunc- tory or a derivative, and its treatment strictly prohibited. The following is one of the early prescriptions which the writer used in the treatment of tuberculosis of the rectum and colon : motrin gel IJ 01. creosoti, i 01. amygdala;, f ยป* 3 ij ; Tinct. opii 3 j ; Pulv. acacia; 3 i'' ! Aq. camphoric 3 viij. Fiat mist. The prescription was always changed when necessary, motrin printable coupon to correspond to the nature of the case, by either augment- ing or diminishing the dose of the mixture, each ounce of which contains seven minims and a half of creosote, and either a third, a half, or an ounce of the mixture, accord- ing to circumstances, was injected whats in motrin into the rectum or the colon every night on retiring and every morning imme- diately after evacuating the bowels, for it was considered important to keep the diseased parts and the system con- stantly under the influence of the remedy. The good effects of motrin pm coupon such a course were generally manifested in ten or twelve days, for the rapidity of the action of the creosote is very marvelous ; a decided amelioration would be noticed in the improved appearance and the feelings of the patient, and also in regard to a decided decrease of the morbid discharges and the changed and healthy aspect of the diseased mucous membrane of the rectum. The wiitcr has long .since known and demonstrated the value of creosote in some other diseases besides tubercu- losis ; indeed il has, as motrin b before remarked, a wide sphere of usefulnesH motrin commercial in other
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