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ated. This immunity from the irritating efiects of the creosote upon the mucous membrane of the rectum may to a great extent be owing to the peculiar ingredients which the writer always incorporated with it, generic brand for nexium as seen in the first and second prescription presented above. The writer will now conclude with the hope that creo- sote, which is at generic form of nexium present placed in the Iirst rank as an ex- cellent and highly prized remedy in tuberculosis, will con- tinue to maintain its high position and stand the test of time, never to be relegated, like so many valuable remedies heretofore have been, to that limbus from whose bourn so few ever return. 184 Cestbal Avenue. TWO CASES OF DESTRUCTION OF VISION BY FOREIGN BODIES; RESTORATION OF SIGHT IN ONE OUT OF FOUR EYES BT OPERATION. By DAVID WEBSTER, M. D., PBOFEWSOR OF OPHTUALMOLOGT IN THE NEW YOKK POLYCLINIC AN IN DARTMOUTH MEDICAL COLLEGE ; SURGEON TO THE MANHATTAN EYE AND EAR HOSPITAL. The 80 mg nexium two following cases are of extraordinary interest, ina-smuch buy generic nexium as the father lost the sight of both eyes from in- jury with bird shot, the gun having been fired by his son, while the same son lost the sight of one eye permanently and of the other temporarily by a cannon explosion what is the generic name for nexium what is the generic for nexium less than a year later. The acuteness of vision restored to one of the son's injured eyes by the removal of the tnuimatio cataract is worthy of remark : Case I. IMh Eyes of the Father Put Out by Bird Shot.— .lames O. P., aK^d forty-eight years, of TarifFville, Conn., was iwcidentally .shot by bis son in both eyes, a No. 10 shot in each, on Aiit'iist 13, ]8fi9. His son thus de,9crlbe9 tlie catastrophe: " We were Imnting woodcock in the buslies. My nexium 40 mg generic fatlier was aliont five rods from me when I shot. I did not .see liim. The bird was flying. My gun was elevated from where I .stood as iiiiicli IIS five rods over his head. There were only two sliots htnick him — generic name for nexium one in each eye." When Mr. P. came to (•onsnlt Dr. 0. K. Agnew, on May 20, 1874, nearly five years after tlic accident, the condition of his fyoM wiiM as follows: There was no perception of light in either eye hy the usual tests, hut llio patient said he could see the sun nexium dosage 80 mg with both eyes. 'I'lie crystallinu lenses were mostly ahsorlied. There was U>Ui] posterior syiicchiaof both, and both irides were arrliod hackwurd. A riciilrix at the center of each cornea generic version of nexium Hluiwcd where generic equivalent of nexium the shot had entered the eye. Dr. Agnew was of the opinion is there a generic for nexium that no operation would restore any sight, and n'lvliiorl him to have nothing done for his eyes. Camr II. flqth Hy«» Injurril hy a Cannon Eriilonon ; Onr l^tt ; the .%iht nf the Other Himlnrfd liy Operiitionii.—.]. (', I'., when will nexium become generic aged Iwonty-lhrco yeiirs, the son of (he nliovo patient, and the man who did the shootinij', was brought to Dr. Agnew's office at the same time with iiis father. On the 4th of July following the accident to his father — i. e., July 4, 1870 — he had both eyes injured, one lost, by a gunpow- der .explosion. He tlius describes the accident: " I went up to the mountain to fire the cannon. It was a very large one. We put eleven pounds of powder in it, and drove turf in with a sledge hammer, and the second does nexium have a generic time the fuse that we set it off with turned over and struck in the vent hole, and it was loaded so — drove in so hard — that it did not go off. It all blew backout of the vent hole right to the left of my head. I was within two feet of the vent hole. My foot was on the cannon. If my head had been four inches to the left it would have been blown off. The powder did not burn that went into my face. I was covered from my waist up, and it burned my clothes off." Upon examining him we found that he had jjhtJdsis bulbi of the left eye. In the riglit eye there was traumatic cataract. There were adhesions of the iris to the anterior capsule of the lens, and there were particles of powder and possibly of dirt in the is there a generic nexium substance of the lens. Still, he retained vision enough to enable him to get about alone. Dr. Agnew advised that the eyes be not operated upon unless the vision became order nexium samples worse. June 6, 1878. — The patient counts fingers at four inches when they are moved before his eye. He can no longer see sufficient- ly well to go about alone. 10th. — I administered ether, and Dr. Agnew enucleated the left atrophied eyeball at the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital. Several needle operations were done on the cataractons lens generic for nexium 40 mg by Dr. Agnew at when does nexium go generic proper intervals of time, and the vision was considerably improved. He came to the hospital on July 17, 1885, with a dense membrane in his pupil and with vision only ir^ with the best ghass. Dr. Agnew being ab,sent, I performed a discission on the same day. The result was vision what is generic for nexium Jj^^ while the pupil was dilated with atropine ; but it was evident that the clearest part of the pupil would be covered by iris when the effects of the mydriatic should have passed off.

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