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are more than four acres to each inhabitant. It appears by the table that overcrowding has an unfavorable effect upon the mortality from each Order Nizagara of the diseases mentioned, except typhoid fever. 2. It is well known that the majority of laborers and arti- sans are unable to furnish separate accommodations for the iso- lation of members of their families who may become iU with infectious diseases. Such families usually live in tenements of from one to four rooms, none of which can safely be devoted to the treatment and isolation of individuals affected with dan- gerous infectious Nizagara Online disease. 3. Another important advailtage secured by means of isola- tion hospitals is found in the fact that they enable the ordinary duties of the household, the attendance of the well children at school, and continued work by the head of the family to be carried on without disturbance, for the danger of infection has been removed by the transfer of the sick member of the family to the hospital. In this connection Dr. Abbott refers to the melancholy fact that it has not infrequently happened that the local sanitary authorities of cities and towns have not only rigorously enforced the law relating to non-attendance at school, but also quarantined all the members of a family at- tacked, old and young, so that the children were deprived for the period of from two to ten weeks or more of their educa- tional privileges at the most important or most receptive period of their lives, and, furthermore, the father was kept from his work in the mill, the factory, or the workshop. Even if he is allowed to work, says Dr. Abbott, his fellow workmen are wont to regard him with suspicion so long as any individual of his household is the subject of an infectious disease. On the other hand, the prompt removal of such individuals permits the school attendance and the employment of members of the family to go on undisturbed. The disea.scs which, I)r. .\bbott thinks, should be treated in special isolation hospitals are scarlet fever, diphtheria, small- pox, measles, typhus, cholera, and typhoid fever; also, in the Southern States, vellow fever. MINOR IWIiAGRArn.^. MKXSTIUATION AXP INFKtTIOX. TiiK connection between erysipehi« and infectioui. perito- nitis has long been cousidert-Kl intimate, and there is now good ground lor the belief that, from a bacteriological Jioint of view, the two iliseiuscs are identical. In the PrfMf midi' ealf for September il'tli there is an intenviting communica- tion from Dr. Ilcnri Meunler, a hospital interne, giving an account of a fatal ciu>o of peritonitis which sudden- ly attacked a healthy young girl under somewhat peculiar circumstances. She was a domestic servant, and her luistrvtis wns Nei/.ed with severe facial erysipelas. Thu young girl took an active part in iiursitig the sick lady, was almost constaiilly at her bedside, and pcrsiuially attended to chniigiiii: the applica- tions to Imt face. While this was going on the girl's mcuMnml How appeared, and she Buy Nizagara Online committed the imprudence of iMing as a menslnions na(>kln a cloth that liiul been us«c, headache, general dtv 500 ITEMS. [N. Y. Mkd. Jot k., pression, and soon aftei-ward repeated vomiting. Her courses, wiiicb had appeared two days before, were brusquely sup- pressed. Her death followed in the course of five days, and the post-mortem examination showed conclusively that the disease could have had no other origin than by infection from the nap- kin. The case is recorTled with all the details, and the author's remarks on it are well worth reading in full. ITEMS, ETC. Infections Diseases in New York. — We me indebted to the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the follow- ing statement of cases and Buy Nizagara deaths reported during the two weeks ending October 16, 1894: ' Typhoid Nizagara Tablets fever. Scarlet fever Cerebro-spinal meningitis. Measlea Diphtheria Small-pox Tuberculosis

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