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Week ending Oct. ft. Cases. Deaths. 17 108 Weekending Oct. 16. Cases. Deaths. The New Bloomingdale Asylnm, at White Plains, was visited and inspected by an invited company on Wedne.sday afternoon, tlie 17tb inst. Changes of Address.— Dr. Russell Bellamy, from Colorado Springs to No. 3.5 West Thirty-first Nizoral 200 Street, New York Nizoral 1 ; Dr. Lo- renzo N. Grosvenor (Chicago), to No. 928 Kenniore Nizoral Hair Growth Avenue; Dr. Mary E. Ilennessy, to Nizoral Ketoconazole No. 20 East Nizoral Price Forty-third Street. The University of Virginia,— Dr. Augustus H. Buckmas- ter, of New York, one of the editors of the American. Gynaco- logieal and Ohiitetrical Journal, has been appointed professor of the priictice of modicine ami of obstetrics (including gyn;e- cology). Another Proposed Addition to the Medical Curriculum. — The Medical Council of the Province of Brandenburg, whoso licadijaarters Is In ISerlln, recently addressed to the I'russian Government a petition asking Nizoral India that arrangements may be nuide for the supply of instrnction to medical students on all Oral Nizoral that oon- ccrn.s insurance against sickness, accident, old age, and Infirmi- ty. It Ih urged that such instruction should be practical as well as theoretical. The Gultus-MlnUler has accordingly sent a cir- cular letter to the presidents of the other provinces of •Prussia, uxking thciii to obtain an authorizeNizoral Hair Loss expression of opinion on the subject from 2 Nizoral all the medical councils in the kingdom. ^////V/.iA Mr.dir.nl Jtiurnnl. The Death Nizoral 200mg of Dr. Stuart Douglas Is anniMiTi(x-iiliin nf Offlrirn Hurvimj in the Medical Drjiarl.mrnt, Oniled SlaUn ArmiJ,/rnm Orlohpr 7 to Orlolinr I.I, IH!)//: KiMiiAi.i., .Jamkm I'., Mnjor iinil Surgeon, is ordered to Koit Wingale, N«w Mexico, for duly, upon alitindoiiment of Fort Morc.y, New Nizoral Buy Mcrxico, Ifpon arrival of .Mnjor Kimhnll at Fort WingBlc, MAoAiti.KY, ('. N. B., ("aplalii and Assistant Sur- geon, will take tlio station at Fort Apaclie, Arl/.ona, for duty, nlliviiig Ikki.a.mi, M. W., MeutenanI and Assistatit Surgeon. Lieutenant Ireland, on being thus relieved, will take station at Fort Stanton, New Me.xieo, relieving Keefbr, F. R., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. Lieutenant Keefer, on being relieved, will proceed to and take the sta- tion at Washington Barracks, D. C. Price, Curtis E., Major and Surgeon, will jtroceed to and take the station at Fort Sill, Oklahoma Territory, u])on abandon- ment of Fort Supply, Oklahoma Hair Loss Nizoral Territory. BusHNEj.i., George E., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, will, by direction of the Acting Secretary of War, be relieved from duty at Nizoral 2 David's Island, New- York, by the commanding ofiicer of that post on the receipt by him of this order, Nizoral Tablets and will then report in person to the commanding officer at Fort Hamilton, New York, for duty at that post, reporting by letter to the commanding general, Department of the East. Macauley, C. N. B., Nizoral Tablet Captain and Assistant Surgeon. By direction of the Acting Secretary of War, the extension Nizoral Hairloss of leave of absence granted in S. O. .5.5, Department of the Colorado, September 14, 1894, is further extended one month. Wood, Marshall W., Ketoconazole Nizoral Major and Surgeon, is granted leave of absence for twenty-five days, to take effect upon being re- lieved from duty at Boston, Mass. Ives, Francis J., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, having pro- ceeded with troops to Fort Ethan Allen, Vermont, is, by direction of the Secretary of War, relieved from further duty at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, and will remain on duty at Fort Ethan Allen until the arrival thei-e of Appel, Aaron H., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, when he will report in person to the commanding officer at Plattsburgh Barracks. New York, under the requirements of paragraph 10, S. O., 221, Nizoral Hair A. G. O., September 20, 1894. MuNN, Nizoral Oral Cdrtis E., Major and Surgeon, is ordered to Benicia

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