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I'o, (Iklaboma. Oregon, Tennessee, Vermont, ami West Vir- ^'iniu require HiipcrviNion of a diploma by some designated borized by law, to iletermine its validity, or, in the obsence Norvasc Patent of II diploma, the pasoing of a Norvasc 5mg Price satisfactory examination. Ari- itona. Ouorgla, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Wineonsin, and Wyoming require tlio presentation of a diploma from n chartered medical college anil rettitlnition with a I'oiiiiiy clerk, a rlerk of a court, u registi'ar of deeds, or some qiiulilluil Judge. In llic District of ('oliimbin the only re- qiiirc'iient i* the Indiirnemetit of a diploma by a eonimiltee of Ibe DIslriet Medlcnl Society or an exaniinalion of the candiilnio by thai biHlr. The annual meetings of exnmining boards are nsiially hold nt ttm tiiiiv of the aniuial «esHiiins of the State niedi- I III -Ml ietieii. The lime and Generic Norvasc 10mg place for m'lnlniinual mvelings can be iiHc iiiiiinwl by correspondence with the Mecrehiries of the meiji- I'lil -..leielies iif lbi lion nan, so far a« we are int'ornii'il, be miide nt i\i\y time in l^tali's wlitire (iitin- i> no examining bonnl. IProceebiitgs Norvasc 100 Mg of ^ofietits. PHILADELPHIA COUNTY MEDICAL Norvasc 7 Mg SOCIETY. Meeting of September IS, 1894. Strychnine as a Tonic during Gestation.— Dr. T. Ridg- WAY Barker read a paper entitled When is the .Administration of the Sulphate of Strychnine Contraindicated during Gesta- tion? It was not bis purpose, he said, to depreciate or undervalue the great benefit that sulphate of strychnine was capable of rendering in the majority of the cases Norvasc 50 Mg of pregnancy. The allegations made for it by Dr. Dnfif, Norvasc Canada of Pittsburgh, who had devoted himself Cheap Norvasc Online with much enthusiasm to the study of this drug in its relation to obstetric practice, were not, he thought, without justification ; but, with the estimable conservatism of a seeker after scientific Norvasc Logo truth, be left the subject open for fur- ther study and research, awaiting until time and a wider expe- rience should prove its merits. In a paper read before the South Side Medical Society of Pittsburgh, and in one presented to the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynwcologists, in 1893, he had given his clinical experience. At the forty-fifth annual meeting of the American Medical As.soeiation, recently held at San Francisco, he had again called the attention of the profession to the value of strychnine, and pointed out that it rendered abortions and premature deliveries less frequent by giving tone to the uterine muscles and nerves as well as by its general tonic influence. The.se statements were beyond question correct in the vast majority of instances; but he who would Norvasc Coupon avoid error and mis- fortune must bear in mind that every rule had its exception, and that the latter, tliouch often overlooked, was no whit less important than the former. The speaker had given sulphate of strychnine to a score or more of women Norvasc 5mg Generic during gestation with the happiest rcsulLs, and so general had been the improvement in their condition that he had begun to think Norvasc 2 Mg that there was no exception to this rule, but he had not long been letY in donbt, for, as ihe following case reported would show, he had met the exception in a most unexpected but none the less jironounced form: Mrs. G., primipara, aged twenty-nine years; general health good. She had menstruated last in October; previously she had been Buy Norvasc 5mg regular. She had sulTered greatly from morning sickness and distressing nausea for nearly four montliH. which had been uninfluenced by internal meilication. There had been besides these symptoms costiveness and a more or loss irritable bladder. The appetite had been poor, and loss of tiesh had been quite marked as the pregnancy advanced. In the early part of the sixth month she had tlrsl coni- plninod of a sense of weight felt in the abdomen and pelvis; Norvasc Pi this had soon been aggravated by soreness and pnin which hod persisted throughout the day and night. The nervous de- pression in this cHst> bad been Norvasc Other Names all out of proportion to them-vor- Norvasc Coupons ily of the symptoms, and had seemed to trouble the patient more than almost anrtbing else. There bail been no kidney trouble of any kind, or evidence of KWelling of the Generic Norvasc Price limbs or face. The heart had lH>Norvasc Cmi hnd been normal and Ihc uloriis in gootl jm>- Silioll lll.'lr I, /..I l....n •!.. ,.,11,...,,,... 502 PROGEEDmOS OF SOCIETIES. [N. y. Me0. Joub.,

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