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given in the books. The patient had been a boy four years and a half of age, with pale cheeks and dusky lips and fingers. The fingers had been knobbed, and liis belly had been promi- nent. He had suffered from frequent attacks of dyspnosa, buy praziquantel par- ticularly after meals. The physical examination had shown a soft, purring thrill praziquantel mg over the base of the heart ; the praziquantel price apex beat half an inch outside of the left nipi)le line; the cardiac dullness ex- tending from the right sternal border to the left nipple, and a loud, harsh systolic murmur heard along the left where to buy praziquantel margin of the sternum, and distinctly localized at the junction of the second interspace on the left side with the third buy praziquantel for humans rib. This murmur had not boon transmitted to the left or along the aorta. The second sound of the heart had boon exceedingly feeble. The autopsy had revealed a marked hyportrophy of the right ven- tricle ; a distention of the aorta; an unusually small jiulmonary praziquantel cost artery; an impervious ductus arteriosus; a foramen ovale which order praziquantel online had been practically closed; a normal left ventricle; an incomplete snjptum at the auricidar end; and a constricted conus arteriosus. A probe could not easily bo passed from the pulmonary artery into the purchase praziquantel online right ventricle, because the pulmo- nary artery had been at right angles to the axis of this artery, and exceedingly snndl. The case had boon evidently one of oarly foetal endocarditis with constriction of the conus arterio- fiUH. This endocarditis buy praziquantel online must have occurred early in devolop- ment, before, the sieptum was (^om|)loled, so that praziquantel tablets Nature could elect the very best point at which to effect a compensatory cir- culaticm. The aorta, rei^eiving a direct stream praziquantel online of blood from both vontrioles, had been distended; Iho ])ulmonary artery, re- ceiving very liltlc blood, had remaitied small. The Nomenclature of Diseases of the Mouth.— Dr. T. M. KoTcii, buy cheap praziquantel of Hoslon, I lie cliairman of a committoe on this subject, prvHOiited the report. He said moxidectin praziquantel that the committee advocated uniformity in the duHignatioii praziquantel 600 mg of diseofleB, ho that a disease could Oct. 20, J 894. J PROCEEDIXGS OF SOCIETIES. 505 he ciillcd praziquantel biltricide by the same name wherever it was written or >poktn about. To this end tbey had employed the term " stomatitis "' as a basis, and upon this had founded four divisions — viz. : (1) Stomatitis catarrbalis ; (2) stomatitis herpetica or aphthosa ; t generic praziquantel ciiminonly order praziquantel retropharyngeal and psoas. Fistula in ano was a rare result of caries of the spine. In all cases of curvature of the spine frmn other causes, praziquantel uk the deformity was rounded and not angular. I'smis contraction was almost pathognomonic nf -pin il caries. It wax ihc only cause of psoa.s contraction in which there wa-. a kyphnsis nf the spine with limilatinn of the movemeni in every dircctinn. Intense local pain was a promi- nent symptiim in spinal curies. Hip disease might be con- fiiuiiiled with cnries of the spine. purchase praziquantel In the various diseases of the -|iini' it might be diflicult and somotitnes impos.sible to make an • irly iliiignonis Kraclun' i>f the spine gnvo sudilen ileformily irid absence of all the charnclerislic «lgns except the deformity. A irysm cnuld he diagnimticated before it involved Iho spine.

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