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ellicuciouHness lo the independent action of its oxide and its acid. Of its oxide, because it has provera mg the provera cost property of saturating the acid Huporsocretions of the stomach ; of its acid on account of the same ipinlitios and, linally, order provera online on account of the slow <'lieTni- cal changes which il undergoes in the intestine. Krom the lime it <'.omc» generic provera in conlarl with these digestive regions the subiiilrato always mecis with hyprovera tablets that it comes in contact in its intestinal !rse with fresh hydrosulpliurous vapors, it Is reduced and buy cheap provera iiisformed into nitrons vaj)or6 the special antiseptic action ot I ich in regard to buy medroxyprogesterone online the bacteria wliich secrete putrid gases has i] shown by M. Girard and M. Pabst. It will be difficult, i- M. Carles, to deny their presence in buy provera online the various flatulent MIS of gastro-enteriti.s. That all these conditions may be lized, the oxide of. bismuth must bring with it the entire ■ •rtion of acid with which chemistry has vested it in order to i!i;ike the insoluble combination known as the subnitrate; ;i;.'aio, it is necessary that this combination should be in a state of exceedingly fine division. The Employment of Cider and Ferry in Health and in Sickness, — The Joumnl iJeK prtilicienn for Septciubor :2!)tli con- tains a review of a work by M. F. Aury in wliich the writer re- marks that the author of this original thesis aims, with praise- worthy intentions, to restore to these buy provera two drinks the recognition of their prophylactic merits and curative action wliich seems to Liin to have been too nearly lost. As an alimentary drink, he advises weak cider, which is free from pathogenic microbes, well tolerated by the stomach, and a prophylactic of the uric-acid diathesis. It is t)ie most eligible drink, he says, in intermittent fever, in vomiting, in the uric-acid diathesis, provera online and buy medroxyprogesterone in arthritis. Pare, it is a tonic, and is useful in chlorosis, in anaMnia, ond for convale.-ieents. It is also, he adds, a topical antiseptic in vari- cose nlcers and recent wounds. Medicinal ciders may be pre- pared by the maceration or solution of certain drugs in cider, mich n» culuiiiba, gentian, cinchona, and various antiscorbutics purchase provera online ilisen-i".. A Deserved Rebuke to a Hospital Governing Board.— The yiirmandie mhlirtiU for (tctoher 1st announces the death of an old nurse at the lliitpiefdeniral of Koiten. Virginie Salmon, or Virginie, ns she had always been purchase provera culled, was a fnmiliar and original ligiiro, and for thirty live years she had liml charge of the delivery ward at the Mdlrriiilr. order medroxyprogesterone She liml iw^isted nearly thirty Ihoiisand provera price indigent women in their contine- inonts. She was a woman of remarkable tact, and, in spile ol her iMannipiinls, nnd whose world is bounded by their walls. The iutrriten of the llimjiiff-dhifriil, wishing to show Iheir appreciation of hiicIi long nml faithful Work, appealed to the I'liiefi of buy cheap medroxyprogesterone the Hervlce for n proper reeognilion of the old nurse's wrvices, and made sure that Virginie should hiive a ile- cent burial. This, it seems, the governing board of the lio»pi- Inl had hesitnled lo do, fearing to eotablish nn r«i/«irr
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