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Ere we pass to the care of the bodies in the dissecting room let me give a few recipes. 1. Preserriwj fluid for injecting into the arteries : Corrosive sublimate t viij ; Chloride of zinc ^ xxviij ; Strong hydrochloric acid 3 ij ; Water generic for robaxin 3 ecclx. For one whole body. A large porcelain mortar and pestle are used for dis- solving this and for mixing the paint injection, (irind the corrosive sublimate to fine powder and dissolve with the aid of sufficient water and some of the acid ; then dis- solve the chloride of zinc with the rest of robaxin 500 mg the water and acid, and mix both fluids together. The excess of acid is necessary to dissolve any carbonate of zinc that may have formed. Dry chloride of zinc is difficult to keep. It is good to weigh it out immediately on receiving it from the chemists into portions nf twenty-eight ounces each ; add water and some acid and keep it in solution till required. robaxin 750 I have not had good results with arsenical fluids. The bodies have not kept so well with me, and I consider the hardening ctTect of the zinc and mercurial salts on the brain, liver ami spleen, etc., of the utmost importance. '1, Colorintj inanK for arteries : Turpciitiiu' varnish - xx ; Turpentine r v ; Moiled linseed oil - robaxin generic name ijss. ; White lead (either in powder nr wrought up with oil as gut in the paint stores), lbs. robaxin high ij ; Kcd leii.l lb. ss. ; Lead acetate (sugar nf lead) 3 jss. (Jrind together in the inorlar the lead acetate and red lead; mix this thoroughly with the white lend and then with the linseed oil and turpentine, adilini; each slowlv and mixing vigorously. Having got this into a uni- fi)rm [taste, aiicl having the .tyringe, nozxlo, etc., all ready fi>r injecting, add the turpentine varnish, mixing thon>ngli- ly and ipiickly ; strain through a line wire robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer strainer, and in- je<'l at once. It sets very rapidly after the varnish is robaxin 1000 mg mlded. TIiIn UNunlly niake.M an excellent injecting mass, and, though it iiiakeN n bad michn if u vei«.sel rupturca during injection robaxin 750 mg and ilooN not alwayn set well in the largest vcwels, it in one * Karli ImmI)' •IhmiIiI Up imi % Dglil open wtoxlpn fnuiie, «nil ihrrv limy Iw l«ii liiM'ra n( ImmIIp*. her tubinsj and connect with your T-tube. .\s the iujectinn reaches the capillaries it will immediately turn the tissues robaxin canada to a pale gray, and this, with the swelling of the parts, will be the test of the robaxin brand name robaxin 550 mg thoroughness of your injection. Much more blood will at once robaxin 500mg tablets be forced out by the jugular robaxin generic vein ; let this run, occasionally increasing the intravenous pres- sure by putting purchase robaxin your finger on the vein till the fluid runs clear and free from blood ; then tie both ends of the vein .Mid go on with the injection. It is better to have from • iLfht to ten feet of pressure. If the feet do not bleach • adily, raise the whole trunk so as to get as much pressure 1- possible generic robaxin on the extremities. The injection finished, n-move the rubber tubing and put a well-fitting cork in the T tube. The body may now be put into the tank for three days. On the fourth day inject the arteries with the col- ored injection, remove the Ttube, tying the vessel, and shave the body, if that has not been robaxin euphoria done at first. Now, if the body is to be dis.sected at once it ma\' be taken to the dissecting room the day following the colored injec- tion ; but if it is to be kept for some time the brain should be removed and placed in wood alcohol, the calvarium re- placed, the scalp stitched up, and the body consigned to the tank. The brain will usually keep well if the alcohol be once changed ; but if it be not firm and well whitened on its re- moval from the skull it may be necessary to remove the pia mater to allow the spirit to penetrate it. Cotton should be put in the bottom of the jar to support it and into the great longitudinal fissure and between the cere- bellum and cerebrum to allow the spirit to reach all its parts. They are afterward to be di.stributed to the senior students for dis.section. For ordinary dissecting robaxin 75 mg purposes, anil especially after the body has been injected as above described, alcohol is the best hardening agent for the brain. Itrains from fresh, unprepared bodies should be injected twice (at interval of three days) with .Miilier's fluid, but not left longer than two weeks in it, lest they get too brittli'. The haniening should be finished in robaxin 500 alcohol. I'rmfrriuij Tunic. — The nature of the tank will depeml Mil till' I'liniate, the demand for and supply of bodies, and llie number of bodies that must be kept robaxin mg in stock and the length of time they have to be kept. In any case the tank i
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