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TYPHLEXTERITLS VERSU.'^ APPEXDICITLS.* Bt .JOHN W. S. GOULEY. M. D.. StTBGEOX TO BELLEVUB HOSPITiL. Th? frequency and grave consequences of inflammatory action in the region of the human blind intestine ; the order stendra well- known high percentage of mortality, up avanafil cost to a score of years ago, from secondary peritonitis and septicaemia due to purchase stendra online perforation of the intestine ; and the modern surgical pro- cedures employed for the relief of sufferers from this ail- ment, have attracted general attention to questions relat- ing to its nature, diagnosis, and treatment. purchase stendra It is not un- common for laymen to ask, " What is this disease now called appendicitis stendra tablets " .' The answer, that it buy stendra is an '• inflammation of a part of the bowels," does not always satisfy the inquirer. If he happens to be a scholar, he is naturally disappointed with such a meager answer to his categorical question, and can not accept the amphigorical terra where to buy avanafil/extendra '• appendicitis," which conveys to his mind the idea of inflammation of any ap- pendage in or out of the human body. When asked what avanafil online may be his diagnosis in a case of the kind now under dis- cussion, if, instead of replying, in a discordant medley of Latin and Greek, " appendicitis," the physician were to say, in plain English, " blind-gut inflaiumation," he would be clearly understood by the generic avanafil learned and by the unlearned. Even the most ignorant rustic knows somethino' of the blind gut in animals, and is ready to believe that it exists in man. The probable reasons why this part of the intestinal canal is improperly named appendix cad vermiformis, and its inflammation "appendicitis," stendra cost will appear in the follow- ing cheap stendra notes. The word " appendicitis," coined a few ye^rs ago, to express the idea of inflammation of the blind intestine, surely fails to convey the intended idea. This inaccurate and hybrid term has evidently arisen from a faulty desig- nation of the first portion of the large intestine. Vesalius avanafil 50 mg is made responsible for the introduction of the term appen- dix estendra price quoted by Hyrtl, who shows that this great anatomist regarded the part now named vermiform appendage as the true iutrs- tiniim ea-eiim, and that he called caput coti the part now known as the inlestinnm ctrciim. The three following paragraplis, abstracted from Pro- fessor Hyrtl's Onomaloloi/ia analoniica, published in the year 1880, are intendeil as vouchers for what hius just been said of the caput coli and of the tnie intestinum nrcum : "The begiiming of the large intestine was called by the Greeks Tv^di- «ffTi-. If (Jalen and Oribasius had ever dissected hiiinan bodies, they would not have called the first portion of the large intestine ro n-^nc tyrtpof, ' inlrs- tiiium nrrum,' blind intestine, for, in man, this is so dimin- utive I lint it can not be reganled as a separate portion of the intestini-. It is only in the case of herbivorous iiiam- nials that the iuteMlinum Cdfuin nttjtins auch a avanafil de 100 mg sine and length iiM to haVo Iml (iaicn to rompare it to the aloniacli • Kr«.l iH-fi.re the New Vork Slate Mixiical AiiforiaUiia, (VlolMr V, \HVt 522 GOULEY: T7PBLENTERITIS VERSUS APPENDICITIS. ;'N. Y. Med. Jotr , and to call it Scu-repa cheap avanafil yaa-Trjp, alter ventriculus. He was so surprised by the size of the tuphlon enteron in animals used by him for anatomical study that he was soon ready with a theory — namely, that the already digested food was retained therein until it had accumulated to a qiiautily suf- ficient to be expelled at one time." " Vesalius thought that if any portion of the human in- testine was to be called atcum it could only be that slender part appended, as it were, to the head of the colon and similar in appearance to a worm." "Salomon Albertus afterward described the part generic stendra of the large intestine called cacum as an appendicle like a twisted worm." It does not appear in these quotations that the two anatomists gave the buy stendra online name appendix cxci veniufonnis to the true blind avanafil de 200 mg intestine. Rufus of Ephesus, the celebrated Greek physician and anatomist, so frequently quoted by Galen, seems to have given much attention to anatomical nomenclature, and is said to liave named tuphlon enteron, intestinum caecum, stendra online that part now called appendix cceci vermiformis. His descrip- tion of the human body is based upon the dissection of apes.

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