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lieve Caesarean section safest under conditions named, if patient not exsanguinated." — Charles- P. Noble. " Cesarean section offers best chance of recovery." — Charles A. L. Reed. " By all means, yes : have had suprax mg a successful and easy case only lately." — Edward J. 111. " Yes, if surround- ings are favorable, and if you will do the work."' • suprax cefixime 400 mg — L. H. Dunning. " Certainly, if cervix very rigid." — Clarence J. Webster. " Not as a rule, unless cervix very rigid, haemorrhage more than average, and version seems difficult." — B. C. Hirst. " I do not favor Caesarean section under the circumstances stated." — E. S. Lewis. MEDICAL NEWS. January 21, 1905. 1. Precautions Used suprax tablets by the New 'V'ork City Department of Health to Prevent the Spread of Contagious Dis- ease in the Schools of the City, By Thom.\s Darlington. 2. The Cystoscope as an Aid in Genitourinary Surgery, By FoLLEN Cabot. 3. The Relation of Cholin to Epilepsy {To be continued). By Dr. Julius Donath. 4. Some Ocular Reflexes — (Psychoses'), Bv S. W. S. Toms-. PITH OF CURRENT suprax antibiotic for children LITERATURE. N. Y. Med. Jouk. and Phiia. Med. Joubnal. S. Report of a Case of Postdiphtheritic Paralysis, By William J. buy suprax online Butler. 1. Medical Inspection of Schools. — Darling- ton goes into a detailed description of the method employed in New York for the inspection of the school children b)' the Health Department offi- cers. The magnitude of the task may be imag- ined from suprax 400mg suprax cefixime tablets a few concrete figures. In 1904 the number suprax generation of examinations made was 8,261.733; the number of children excluded from school, 12,289, and the number treated by the department, 515,- 505- 2. The Cystoscope. — Cabot before using the cystoscope thinks it best to prepare the patient. For a few days sounds should be passed and blad- der irrigations resorted to. suprax 100 suprax cefixime Usually it is best to inject, before cystoscopy, half an ounce of a one per cent, solution of cocaine into the bladder. buy suprax The cystoscope is useful for detecting incysted stones, foreign bodies, or new growths within the bladder. Careful examinations in conjunc- tion with ureteral catheterization order suprax will often throw suprax 400 mg tablet much light on the condition of the kidneys. 4. Ocular Reflexes. — Toms reports four cases which illustrate how abnormal conditions of the eyes are at times capable of giving rise to suprax injections symp- toms whose ocular origin would ordinarily re- main unsuspected. The moral would seem to be that the eyes ought to be examined regularly un- less the cause of illness is quite evident. 5. Postdiphtheritic Paralysis. — Butler's case exhibited a postdiphtheritic paralysis of unusual extent, involving the external recti of the eyes, the generic suprax soft palate, the pharynx, the abductors of the larynx, the diaphragm, antibiotic suprax and peripheral nerves. Acute cardiac dilatation, with pulmonary hypo- stasis, and oedema; also liver stasis. The heart in diphtheria is discussed at some length. ANNALS OF SURGERY. November, 1904. 1. Bacillus Pyocyaneus Septicemia .'\ssociated with Blas- suprax antibiotics tomycetic Growth in Primary Wound, By E.\STMAN and Keene. 2. The Bridging of Nerve Defects, By Powers. 3. Total Avulsion suprax injection of the Scalp, By Mellish. 4.' Traumatic Abscesses of the Cerebrum, By Robinson. 5. Fracture of the Base of the Skull, By Walton. 6. Ligation of Both Common purchase suprax Carotid Arteries, By Thomas.

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