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teachers ! Do not set me down, please, as a fanatic, or as one who in the least depreciates the efforts at advancement, for this is an age of progress, and those of us who desire to Suhagra 50 Mg be anything must be up to Suhagra Price the spirit of the times. Labor-.saving dences have revolutionized the mechani- cal world, but the surgical art is one where the human Buy Suhagra Online hand is and ever will be the active agent. Labor-saving devices in our line are not among the probabilities; we are like the artist who with pencil and brush can bring out on the can- vas that which will win the admiration of the whole world. The true mechanic is the one who can accomplish the most and the best results, Cipla Suhagra if required to do So, with the smallest number of tools ; so is it with the .surgeon. The treatment of fractures is a subject to Generic Suhagra which often too little attention is devoted ; it is a branch of Cipla Suhagra 100 surirery where the surgeon's results must ever remain as a monu- ment or re[)roiich to his skill, a living accusation of ijjno- ranee which almost amounts to crime. The grave seldom yawns to mercifully cover up his Suhagra 50 mi.stake.s. Surtfical .-jhoek does not often step in to cover up a crooked leg or an an- kylosed elliow ; rebellious micro-organisms are never re- s|Minsil)lo for a deformed hiji. For whatever mistakes there are the surgeon himself is responsible. With tlurt thought ill mind, shouhl we not Suhagra Cipla ilevote more time to this subject, even though it does seem trivial and a reminder of our >-liideii( dnvM '. The Hiirgeon who would siicco.ssfully treat fractures should, lie a iiiechanie as well im a surgeon, and a man of excellent jinlginent : a meehariic that he mnv, if need In-, make a uplint with a jaekknife and a sliingle, iind a man of good judgment that he may know just what is needed for each pnrtieiilar cnM\ that lie may do neither too little nor loo niurli in the way of lns turn out badly from too much treiitmenl, just as some do from not having enough. Of nil Niirgienl ]iroer- ilurpN the ici'alment of fraclurc*!, to my mind at leaal, de- LYMAX: .sniPL/CITV JX THE TREATMENT OF FRACTURES. [N. Y. Med. Jocr., mands simplicity of apparatus ; the unfortunate individual who is your patient will bless you if you can treat him without much complicated paraphernalia. It seemed to be the fashion formerly for every surgeon to devise a splint with some little peculiarity that he might have his name handed down to posterity. How many of them are in use to-day ? More than good judgment will sanction ; and how many of them, I would ask, will accomplish the ob- jects which are expected of them ? A young surgeon who has never had much experience in handling these cases must, of course, be guided Order Suhagra by the teachings of others and bv his readings ; and in his teachings too often he has been told that Sir B 's or Dr. J 's splint should always be used in the treatment of a Colles's fracture, and so on ad injinitum. Every surgical-instrument Buy Suhagra dealer.will display to you his stock of patent splints, beautifully molded on a dummy, highly polished, perforated, grooved here Suhagra Online and there to protect projecting bones from pressure, elevations here and there to press in between parallel bones — all of which to the novice looks plausible, and he says to himself : "' I have found just the splint that I want for Cheap Suhagra my case, and how fortunate I am ! " As Suhagra 100 Cipla for myself, I abhor ready-made splints ; they are like hand-me-down Suhagra Tablets clothes ; they seldom fit anybody except the dummy they were made on ; very few of them are worth the cost of the material used in their construction. I well remember visiting an old surgeon's office when a boy and looking with eyes wide open, through glass doors, at his beautiful collection of splints, and I thought that he must surely be a very great surgeon : those same beautiful splints at a later day became mine and were forthwith consigned to the wood pile, with the exception of a few which I retained to show the mem- bers of my class that 1 might impress Suhagra 100mg Suhagra For Women upon their minds their worthlessness. It has been my lot to be called upon to treat almost every variety of fracture to which the human frame is sub- ject, and witli the armamentarium which you see before you I feel that I am fully prepared to handle any fracture that may come along, barring, of course, those which re- ijuire operative treatment. This kit of tools is simplicity it- self, very unlike the set which I saw in the old-time doctor's office. But to return to the kit, as I say, I have everything here which I desire, and I have purcha.sed them Suhagra Tablet at a cost of a trifle over four dollars. Suhagra In India I feel, too, that I can handle my cases with less trouble, get better results, and give my jiaticnts lictlcr satisfaction than with the old- fashioned cumbersome or the new fashioned more elegant and com- |ilicatcd apparutUH. 'I'lie important thing to bear in mind is lli!4l no two (•iises are exaparatiiH for each purtii'ular cast:, and not iieceH.sarily tr<-«t all in a set way beiwiiise Professor So-and ho did. What slioemnker would make all of our shoes over the tiiiin- lust ? The Burgeon shoulil he a splint maker as well ■IS a splint (ilt<'r. We should always bear in tiiind the three cardinal points which govern the treatinciil Suhagra 100 of all fractures :

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