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satisfaction than by any of the older methods, while occa- sionally tubercle bacilli can be found in sputum with the centrifuge which can not be found Toprol Xl Generic Equivalent without it. 9. In twenty-one Toprol Xl Beta Blocker per cent, of the cases examined the cen- trifuge yielded results which led to more accurate diagnoses than could otherwi.sc have been made. Our work with the centrifuge has emphasized the fact that in the examination of urinary sediments " it is important to observe not only the kind and number of casts, but also to consider very cau- tiously the number and characteristics of all accompanying elements " (Bizzozero (22)). We agree with Toprol Xl Generic Name Albu, wlio holds that the centrifuge has " unfolded no new diagnostic prin- ciples " ; Is Toprol A Beta Blocker we do maintain, liowever, that by means of it we attain to the very refinement of diagnosis. B'Mioijrinihy. 1. Stenbeck. Ilnqein, Stockholm, 1891, 40-51. 2. Liltcn. Toprol Xl Generic Recall Dentuche inndiziinsche Wochcnschrift, 18fll, No. 2;i Metoprolol Tartrate Vs Toprol Xl ; TherapfiUische Monataheftc, 18!)1, p. iVi. 8. .iHksch. I'raij mciiizinuche Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Tartrate Wocheuiicltr{ft, 1891, No. 18. 4. Albu. Berliner klinhche Wochenachr[t't, 1892, No. 22. C. Freeborn. Mediciil Record, Fob. 27. 1892. 0. Gerstcr. Neio Yorl- Meilirnl Jvwnnl, Sept. 10, Toprol Xl 100 Mg 1892. 7. Sondern. Aew York Mediral Journal, Feb. 25, 189!!. 8. Eulonberjr. Eiicyelo])Adinche Toprol Generic Equivalent Is Toprol Xl A Beta Blocker Jahrbucher, drittor Jiilir- gang, p. 307. Lieferiinj.' 210. 9. Wood's Su|>|ilcnient to the Rij'eri'tirr //audliooi: of the Medicnl. iSeieneeii, pp. 2H mul , p. 46, etc. 16. Rosenstein. Nierenlrrankheiten. Berlin, 1894. p. 537. 17. Morri.s. Surgical Diseases of the Kidney. Philadelphia. J.. 47.'J-482. 18. Scheuerlin. Arheiten aus dem i:. Gesundheitsamte. Band vii, S. 255 ff. ; Berliner klinische Wockensehri/t, 1892, p. 8:!1. 19. Sondern. Xeie York Medkttl Journal, Feh. 25, 1893. 20. Biedert. Berliner klinische Wochenschri/I, 1886, Xo. 42-43. 21. V. Sehlen. Centralhlatt f. Bncterien- und Parasiten- iunde, 1888, Nos. 22 and 23. 22. Bizzozero. Klinische Mikroskopie. Erlangen, 1887, p. 287. 816 PbOSPKCT AVKNIK. A CASE OF 1-OKKUJN I'.ODV (WOLD COIN) ENGAGED IN Cost Of Toprol Xl THE VENTKICLES OF THE LARYNX.* Br A. W. DE ROALDES, M. D., Toprol Xl Vs Generic NEW ORJ.EAN^. Some months ago, Lester C, aged twenty-tive years, a powerfully htillt Generic Name For Toprol Xl man, in good health, hut somewhat Toprol Xl 50 Mg Recall addicted to alcoholic ahuses, was talking with some friends in a farmer's house near Crowley, La. One of the men present Metoprolol Vs Toprol Xl produced a Generic For Toprol Xl Generic Name For Toprol $2.50 gold piece and displayed it somewhat as a curiosity. The patient Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol snatched tlie coin from the hand Toprol Xl Coupon of his friend by way of a joke, and, putting it in his mouth, announceil that it would he the last seen of the coin, as he was going to swallow it. .Something was said in the conversation which excited laughter, and the coin dropped dowti in the num's larynx. Ue was ini- mi'diately seized with intense dyspnica, and very severe cough

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