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WAGy£R: RHEUMATIC AFFECTIOA^S DUE TO TONSILLAR DISEASES. |N. Y. Med. Jocb., Cameron, J. Case of Removal of a Pennv wliich had been Impacted for Six Years in the Larynx. Liverpool Medical and Surgical Reports, 1870, vol. iv, p. 180; reported also bj .James Petrie Trental Injection in British M edicaljournal, August 20, 1870, pp. 180-187. Smith, Henry. Case where Half a Sovereign was Im]iacted in the Larynx. British Medical Journal, 1871, vol. i, p. 7. Grazzi, Generic Trental Victorio. Storia della penetrazione nella larynge di una moneta di due centesimi estratta dopo 43 giorni per le vie naturali. Bolletino delle malatie deW orecchio, della gola e del naso, 1882, vol. ii, p. 77. Ives, Frank L. Tivo Cases of Foreign Body (Coins) in the Larynx: Removal. Archives Trental Mg of Lari/ngology, ^en- York, \SS3, vol. iv, Trental Indications p. Trental 400 204. Weir. Removal from the Larynx of a Two-cent Piece and a, Penny. New York: Medical Journal, 1890, vol. ii, p. 243. A CASE OF EXUDATIVE PHAKYNGITIS.* By WILLIAM C. GLASGOW, Purchase Trental Online M. D., ST. L0CI8. I AM indebted to Dr. E. W. Saunders, Trental 100 Mg the j)hysician in charge, for the history of this case : Child, aged ten months, very large and robust; previous health perfectly good. After unusual Buy Cheap Trental exposure to Order Trental cold was seized with an otalgia : no fever. After two days the earache ceased, coryza set in, and fever developed. The temperature gradually rose to 104° in the evening, with marked morning re- missions. Torrents of rimcus were unceasingly poured ont from the nares, blistering not only the niuco-cutaneous surfaces but even the skin of the neck and hands wherever it touched. The secretion from the Trental Cost fauces was almost as abundant. There Buy Trental then developed an exudate upon tlie tonsils, the uvula, the soft palate, and the pharynx ; none was visible in the ante- rior nares. The patches were persistently white, very much elevated, eiusily detached, and left no ulcerated surface, except on the palate, where it was probably due to mechanical irrita- tion. The larynx could not be seen ; but there was aphonia, Purchase Trental la.sting far into convalescence. Dyspnfjea became so urgent that Buy Trental Online preparations for intiibutiun were made. Deglutition was so difficult that the child took nothing willingly, and at every effort some fluid was returned, very much as in a case of diphtheritic paralysis. The lesions upon the skin were very similar to those upon the mucous membranes, only the edges wore raised, and upon an excoriated base the exudate appeared. There was no lyniph- udenitiH. The bronchial mucous membrane was never involved, neither was that of the stomach and intestines. The nutrition was retnarkahly preserved, owing to forced feeding with skill- ful nursing. The resemblance to scarlet fever or diphtheria was not close enough to make the difTorential diagnosis very dillicult at any Order Trental Online stage of the case. The treatment was hunzoatu of sodium, salol, brandy freely Trental Price udniinistered, Pentoxifylline Trental and locally the peroxide of hydrogen with boro- glyccride (K to iHliluted with warm water and s|)rayerl into the noHu and throat. When a little Trental Online hicarhonate Trental Tablets of sDiliuni was added to lliis «oluti»n the irritating effect hecamc immediately up(Trental Generic THE STUDY OF THE ETIOLOGY OF RHEUMATIC AFFECTIONS OF THE BODY DUE TO TONSILLAR DISEASES.* 3t H.

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