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tive. In bivouac, sleeping directly on the ground should nut be allowed. A march should not bo begun without taking food ; a piece of bread soaked in liot coffee should be taken, thus avoiding tlie effects of the early morning cold, Buy Trileptal Online anOrder Trileptal at a fixed hour, a" regularity ciinlrilnili'x grratly In prevent intiHiiniil diTiiiik't ■ mi'nts. In uoccnding n mountain the month should bo closed, so ax to prevent it from hpcoming dry. This is cany (o nay, mivs till' writer, but Ml the moment of the greateat exertion inter- md combustion is more active, requiring n larger amount of oxygen to Iw drawn In, and the new )• not always anilicleiil for tlint. With reganl to drinking water whilu mnrcliing, for four years the loldiers with Trileptal 450 Mg wliimi the writer lin* iicrrt>Trileptal Cost are resting; lying on the face ought not to be allowed. At the principal halting places the men should have time to change their shirts for dry ones before begin- ning the march again. The article closes with the familiiir reminder that Trileptal 135 Mg at great altitudes the cold and snow often give rise to an unconquerable desire to sleep, which, however, mnst not be given way to, as a torpor then Buy Cheap Trileptal takes possession of the entire body imd death gr.ndnally follows. ENGLISH APPRECIATION OF OLIVER WENDELL HOLifES. It is gratifying to observe the extent Purchase Trileptal Online to which our British brethren appreciate the loss to the medical profession and to that of letters by the death of Oliver Wendell Holmes. The Lancet and the Briti*h Medical Journal publish tender and sympathetic sketches of his character and career. The last- named journal gives Trileptal Coupon an excellent portrait of him, and the editor, Mr. Ernest Hart, contributes a separate article in the shape of reminiscences of the author's Trileptal 150 Mg personal association with the dead poet for a brief period a Trileptal Vs Tegretol little more than a year ago. On the whole, Mr. Hart seems to have understood Dr. Holmes very well, considering the difference of the two men in natiomdity and personal cast, but we must suppose he was in error in taking Holmes seriously when he called a visiting card a " ticket." If wo claim a portion in the heritage of that part of our common literature that is of British birth — and wo are not by any means inclined to waive that claim — we mnst in all fair- ness allow that what our own countrymen have contrib- uted to that literature may in like measure be claimed by our kinsmen of the I'niteil Kingdom. And this we do not Trileptal Generic Name yield grudgingly, but conecilo most cordially, only too proud to reflect that we have made a creditable beginning of tlio work of repaying a loan, so to speak. It is as plea.-ll ourselves that our fore- Trileptal 150 fathers were the c4mipatriots of far-off generations of the gr»at men of the Old Worlil. The accident of birth can not in any degree impair the admiration felt all over the world for men who have done something noteworthy in the way of instruct- ing, improving, or entertaining their fellow-men. Among such men Tegretol Vs Trileptal llT- wmallly In his writings— ami that witli all truthfulness and in Trileptal Acne nil nnconseiounnoMi— AD to endear hiinHotf t4i Order Trileptal Online his rendors in «n uncommon menaure. All this in plainly to Ih< Men in the arti- cle* publlshcti by our Kn|tli«h conloinpomrioii. We have not 53i MIXOE PARAGRAPHS.— ITEMS.— LETTERS TO THE EDITOB. [N. Y. Med. Jour., space left to quote from them adequately in this issue, but next week we shall endeavor to present extracts showing their pur- port. MINOR PARAGRAPHS. ■ Trileptal Tablets AS ANTIDOTE TO HTDROC'Y.VXIC ACID. The Lyon medical for October 4th says that M. JohauQ Antal, a Hungarian chemist, has discovered a new mineral com- pound, nitrate of cobalt, which promises to be a very Cost Of Trileptal efficacious antidote in cases of poisoning with potassium cyanide or hydro- cyanic acid. Tried first on animals, this product has since been employed, always successfully, in more than forty cases of acci- dental poisoning. THE REGULATION" OF MEDICAL PRACTICE IX MASSACHL'SETT.S. We recently published a statement to the effect that Massa-

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