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culation. The uterus was then quickly incised along the an- terior surface without reference to the position of the placent:i, while a second as,sistant made firm pressure on the abdominal wall so as to hold the upper portion of the uterus against the abdominal incision. -\s the child was being extracted he gradu- ally pressed the uterus out of the abdomen through the incision. -Ml the.se manipalations were done under constant irrigation with hot boiled water. The umbilical cord was quickly clamped with two forceps and cut. Meanwhile the assistant had pressed the uterus through the iueision, and had surrounded it with hot a.septie towels. During the detachment of the placenta the uterine cavity was irrigated with a l-to-.5,000 bichloride solu- tion. The uterus now quickly contracted, and the uterine in- cision was closed Order Vibramycin Online with three rows of continuous catgut suture. The first row began at the inner edge of the upper angle of the incision and extended to the lower angle: the second row in- cluded the muscular layers and uterine sinuses : the third row closed the peritoneal layer. The elastic cord was now removed, and, if there Vibramycin Hyclate was oozing along the line of sutures, this was con- trolled with hot sjionges. The uterus was then irrigated with boiled water, dried, and replaced. The pelvic cavity was then irrigated and sponged dry, after which the abdominal incision was closed with three rows of suture and without drainage from above. Hysterectomy for Uterine Fibroma by Baer's Method, with a Eeport of Nine Successful Cases.- Dr. -Ioskiii Tahek Jonxsos, of Washington, read a paper with (his title. He bad found that convalescence in these nine ca.scs had been very rapid and easy. Other similar methods required more time for their performance tlian Raer's methcd, although the latter Vibramycin Indications took more time than total extirpation. We coulil not, however, safely discard Vibramycin Syrup the Bantock Price methcMl, which was useful in many case-*. The remov.il of the uterus down Buy Cheap Vibramycin to the internal OS seeiiieil to biiii likily t.. lie the ideal operation of the future. Hysterectomy in Pyosalpinx.— Dr. W. R. Pitvou, of New- York Counly, read Vibramycin Antibiotics a paper on this subject, and exbibitiL'd a Vibramycin Suspension portable operating table suitiible for use widi (he Trendelm- burg posdire. He said (hat in at leii.st one third of the cases in which ho had removed suppurating tubes without removing the uterus the symptoms had persistt>d. When it was necessary (o bring on an arlilieial menopause, he maintnineil that the wom- an was belter without the uterus. It should not be rorgo((eu that in many of these cases the original source of infection was the uterus, and also that in about Iwelily per cent, of (he oa.ses (here was tuberi'iilar disease of (he uleriis. There was not si> much shock alleiiiliint upon (his radical operation as u|ion leav- ing the mulilated organ. It also took le->» lime Vibramycin 50mg to remove (hp uterus (hail lo dis>teel out pus foci. Dr. Mahiv said (bal in eases where the liinmr was so larg»> as (o preclude the formalioii of a proper pidiele Hiier's iih'IIioiI was peculiarly advantageous, lie also favorvsl (he removal of I he u(orti'>, AN advocated b.\ Dr. Pryor. Ilicidelilatly he would Buy Vibramycin Online like to call nltention to the possible Generic Vibramycin darger of ihe Trendelon- hiirn poittnri>. lie had oliserved two deallis allribiilahle to i(. Dr. Plivnii situ! he also knew of tivo dcalli.< from (his canst'. The tendency lo in-eondary hiemorrlmge should not c«iis«iuorrliage immiIiI read- ily be eonlrolled. |)r, Ciio!(\N «ald he wn* sure Order Vibramycin he had seen death ri- dlletttl. Dr. JmiXKoN oIiJ(Vibramycin Cost Vibramycin Tablets if one would prevent the Purchase Vibramycin Online recurrence of the hernia. ( To he continued.) __^ PHILADELPHIA COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY. Mteting of September S6, 180J,.

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