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of diphtheria which had occuri'ed recently among twenty-four families of Roidiesler, the origin of which voltaren ec tablets 50mg had been traced clearly lo a common drinking cup which generic for voltaren all id' the patients had used. LoelUer'-* bacilli had been I'ouml in gnat nuuMu rs in the wipings from Ihe cup's ri;n. Again, a fatal cpidi'mic ut voltaren ec 75 mg llie same disease in San .lose, ("al., had been traced lo a luiuniuu conimunii.ii chalici niaminated by a man sick with llic uialaily in its early ^tage. Aboul June Isl of iho pr.'seiil \ear. in llic voltaren 50mg diclofenac lal...ralory i.l the Mcdicochinirgical HoHpilal, the speaker had comphlcil, uilh the kind aid of Dr. V. 1,. l^'Mrbush, ii bacteriological exaMrnatiuu Oct. 27, 1H94.I PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. Vio, of tlie dret's from an onlinary coiiiniiiniun clialicc nsed bv manv coinmunioants at a srevention of the transmission of disease through the medium of a common chalice — we were all well aware. Cogent reasons for prophy- laxis in churches regarding this ordinance miglit be deduced by analogy. Truth wa>< truth everywhere, whether in the natural or in the -piritinil world. voltaren xr 100 It was stable and harmonious. The truths of hygiene were of incomparable value to the welfare of all; ho who heeded them not suffered. There were many truths yet to he discovered and applied, and many .just growing into recog- nition and pleailing for utilization for humanity's sake. The latter embraced this need of prophylaxis in the use of a common communion cup. voltaren topical We knew that certain pathogenic voltaren ec micro-organisms and tluir corresponding viruses or ptoimiines were communicable and in- orulable, from mouth to mouth, by direct contact, or interme- diately, as with a common drinking vessel; voltaren rapid 25mg that the various hnliiln of life and customs of society, laxity in prudence ami precniilioii, and what not, were insidioux auxiliaries ii: (he mat- ter of infection; and that voltaren sr 75 mg tablet voltaren xr 100mg the practii'e of sanitary principles erected n hidden but potent harrier between the besieging mi- crophyten and man, voltaren 75 sr the besiegevoltaren sr 100mg siuTed ' ordinance so that ii helpful Iriilli of hygiene should not he vio- Inled, hut contributi' indirectly to the gimd being wrought for the higher nature of man, hy keeping the mind sound in a sound ImmIv. Indeeij, it would seeni lo be wrong and unchrisliiin not to make use voltaren in canada of knowledge which In any way aiileil in prevent iiig or alh-vialing human millering. Tlio rundaiiiental principle in this movement, then, nas th.' prevention of ilisuiise and that for whii'h wo should contend most enriiestly : a principle of medical wience ns fundamenliil as I hi' " r, ./i7generic name for voltaren cri/.. mm " of (he philosophem. or as the faith of perfect trust and obedience of one of tiod'n true »or»hipcr-. Thrit the pro rnliibilil V ol ii ..iiitMb-ioii. diseii., » voltaren for sale ,i. i I.,, i was as obvii.us as its cuntaL'inusness. While tlie more conta- gious diseases were beeomiug less prevalent on account of the alarm which led lo more voltaren xr 100 mg intelligent and stringent co-operative measures voltaren 100 mg retard of private voltaren generic name and public quarantine, voltaren in usa there was great danger that the less communicable affections might be dea!t with too lightly, because of the practical neglect of the common, everyday modes of transmission. It was on this account, prob- ably that such diseases as tuberculosis and typhoid fever were

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