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so prevalent, and Purchase Vpxl that they increased the mortality rate so much. Besides the two diseases mentioned, among others which might be placed in the category of eommunicability from the sick to the well through the medium of a general communion chalice were the following: Syphilis, diphtheria and croup, scarlatina, whooping-cough, follicular amygdalitis, and perhaps measles and pneumonia. Dentists urged strongly the necessity of avoiding a common cup. and there'oy possible infection from alveolar ab- scesses, diseased gums, and the nasty malady known as Riggs's disease, or pyorrhea alveolaris. Who would say that perhaps many an innocent Cheap Vpxl person had not acquired disease from a common communion chalice, or that tlie dangers residing in its use were sensational and imaginary, and not real, grave, and well-nigh universal in Christian com- munities? Buy Vpxl Was it not clearly "illogical to pas.* a cup from mouth to mouth in a religious ceremony when the same prac- tice was justly condemned in oar homes and in other public assemblages i " From little less than axiomatic sanitary principles, then, the deduction was made Buy Vpxl Online that the substitution of individual, separata cups was urgently needed. These could be kept clean and free from the possible disease contamination by the innm-ent or care- less. They were sanitary, safe, and practicable, and, moreover,. as before intimated, they had the sanction of scriptural prece- dent, therefore were not justly provocative of irreverence or lack of dignity, solemn impre.ssiveness, or deep devotion. Lastly, would the .-idoplion of an individual-cup system be practical as well as practicable .' Recent experience answered this question in the allirmative. The adoption of anythinir which released nian from the dangers of disease was practicable; the progress of time, the development of ingenuity, and an en- terprising, persistent industriousness, combined to look after its practical accomplishment. If there had been thirteen cups at the Lord's Supper, why should there not be two hundred, or five hundred, or a thou- sand for the needs of any congregation t The communion Generic Vpxl ordi- nance as administered in the Rochester churches by individual cu|is was entirely satisfactory, and the wonder was expre.ssed that the change had not been effected before. The celebration of the service was expedited and conducted with a unity and harmony of action and iiii|)ressiveness of spirit at once beauti- ful and elevating. I>r. .\nders stated that between the services the cops were sterilized in wire baskets, and kept in tight eloHcta on rack Buy Cheap Vpxl or triiy-formed bidders providoti with lids to ex- clude nny dust. Philadelfdiia arrogated to herself the honor of being the luedicnl center of the I'niteil Slates, aiiil justly loo, he thought, with all cleferenco to other cities. It l>ehoovisl the representn- tive medical society of riiiladelphia to take a front phice in f'lirlbering a s^mifary moveiiieiil which was bound lo go forwunl with an increosj'd impetus of beneticoure by rvason ol its sanc- tion and r>M-omniendntion of this imlividunl chalice method uf administering the communion ceremony in all the various churcliwi MOW using the poiuiiion clinlices. I'nmipt action to that end would, he was suro, Ih< tenninl by all but an nntit minority Purchase Vpxl Online a worthy anil lofty pxprciwlon of scl«nrvnnd sympnihy I'oiOoinrd, I'lilill.- iill.ii'loii ii'iil iiilcresl would «l«o be nriHi«eil inort.' 540 MtSCELLAXY. IN. Y. Mbd. Johh.. enei-fretically and widely: and after intelligent, unliiased, and dis|)a.s-ionate cunsideration individual eluiliees would be adopted throughout the country with proportionate readiness, and with their adoption into practice another modest quotnm niifrht be ad led to onr hopes and efforts in attaining a hijch stamlard of pnblic health and an ever increasing longevity. The following preamble and resolutions were introdnoed : Whereas, The present use of common communion chalices or cups in churches exposes the communicants to the positive danger of acquiring Vpxl Online certain contagious diseases, and is therefore a menace to the public health ; be it Rexolted, That the Philadeli)hia Order Vpxl County Medical Society hereby recommends the adoption of an individual-cup method or system of administering the communion wine in all chnrches, of whatever denomination or sect, where the common com- mimioD cup is now in use; and Resohed, That this society believes from undoubted evidence that an individual chalice or cup .system Order Vpxl Online would be a clean and safe and reliable means of preventing the liability to the spread of contagions disease from such a source as may reside in the ordinary chalice. Dr. Locis J. Lactenbaoh mentioned a case of syphilitic retinal haemorrhage in a priest, who alleged that he had con- tracted a sore in the mouth in the manner indicated by Dr. An- ders. Another similar case, concerning the origin of which the history was more clear, had occurred in his practice.

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