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water. The bnaiii limy be round or obli»ng, in of while gliucd enrtheiiwnre, lian n Kiiinll hole for tilling at the side near the top, and hn« n Immd ground brim to which iii 546 KEILLER: TUE TEACHING OF ANATOMY. IN. Y. Med. Jock., fitted a thick plate glass cover, ground round the edges to fit it accurately (but half an inch less in diameter than buy cheap zithromax online the top of basin), and with another hole bored at one side for filling. Proper skin flaps are now raised from the region to be dissected, the dissection made with the utmost generic zithromax z pack care, and then carefully mounted in the basin in plaster of Paris. The dissection is finished under dilute spirit, the arteries painted, parts lettered for generic zithromax cheap reference, and the cover fixed on with red lead and gold size. When this is hard order zithromax over the counter the vacant space between the dissection and the glass, the preparation being conveniently tilted, is zithromax-cheap.net filled with one-totwo alcohol and water, and the basin put in the reading case. The case is a desk like structure running along the available wall space, with sloping hinged cover like an old- fashioned desk lop, holes being cut opposite the dissections, and sufficient space left between the holes for a book. Within the case, raised and tilted so as to be nearly flush with the desk top, the jars containing the dissections are placed. With refer- ence to these nioiinted generic zithromax 500mg dissections there is this to be said : They are in no wise intended to sup- ply the place cheap zithromax online of personal dissection, nor are they so good for revision as preparations which the student can handle ; but they fill a most important place, especially in a large school. If they only consist generic zithromax no prescription of a complete series of frozen (and sub- sequently hardened) sections they are invaluable aids to the student ; but under the heading of " The Museum " I shall have more to say on this matter. Of the generic zithromax z pak larger lecture room I have little to say ; the modern " theatre " with ele- vated seats for the students is the proper type. The lec- turer's area must be conveniently arranged for having a body wheeled in, and the students should not enter through this area. But this much must be remembered : there must be no windows behind the can you order zithromax online lecturer, or the students' eyes will be da/./.led and they order zithromax canada will cheap zithromax not see the blackboard. The whole wall behind the lecturer should be reserved for order zithromax online no prescription dia- grams and blackboards and the corners on each side of the ioclurer in a large classroom should not be occupied by scats from which diagrams or blackboard will not be itlain- ly vJHible. A narrow, light, revolving generic zithromax 250mg table, six feet by two feet, and a convenii'nt shelf with boxes for chalk, duhter, etc., is all order zithromax online uk the furniture. A desk should bo pro- vided for the Htudcnis as well iis Heats — chairs for the stu- dents arc showy and comfortable, but take too much room. In n wcllvcntilMlcd cla^s order zithromax for chlamydia room we generic zithromax price want our students close beside ns when we are lectiiriiig. Of the small lecture room for tutorials and ilcmonstriitioiiH I luive safe order zithromax online Homctliing to niiy. The principli' in the arrangement of this room must generic zithromax (azithromycin) Beference tablet ^ j^ P: f - Uttrgr ^.^^^tf 1 r^:^^'''^ 1 — \. Bracfcff m \^ Wm

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