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- [ Floor ^vUS' Beading Case seen in section. Fio. 2. be that the largest possible number of students should get a perfect view of the dissection which is being demon- strated or made the subject of a quiz. It must therefore be roof lit, the demonstrator's back being to the wall. The area must be large enough to contain the revolving table and leave space to walk round and no larger. The table is to be a convenient height for the demonstrator to stand while exhibiting the structure, and the students' seats are to be arranged as close together and at as steep an incline as Zofran Mg possible. We do not Cost Of Zofran want a magnificent classroom where the student can comfortably go to sleep, but where only the front rows can see anything. The professor's private room, work-room, and attendant's room should all have a water supply, the first a toilet basin, the last two that and a large glazed siuk ; while in the last, in the south at least, a tank sufficiently large to contain one body would be a valuable adjunct, as a body or limb will get fungi Zofran Buy on it occasionally, and it ought then to be at once immersed over night in a strong antiseptic. The students' cloak room should contain as many Iv Zofran lockers as there are students, size of each locker one- cubic foot and numbered, the same number being printed on a corresponding hat hook. It is probably best to let each student provide himself with a keyed or combination padlock; no lock will keep out the Zofran Cost thief in the class, and in every large class there is always one of that objectionable species. The bone room and students' reading museum should be a large, well-lit, com- fortable room, and in this, Zofran 8mg or the demonstrator's or pro- fessor's room should be the bone library. My own bone libiary is in my private room (which is also my head dem- onstrator's room and work Zofran Odt room, as I prefer to have them all together). A little shutter is opened 8 Mg Zofran to communicate with the borrower, and on either side the bones are ar- ranged in proper compartments ready to the librarian's hand. Each student makes a deposit, and may have one or two bones at a time. His deposit is returned if his ac- count be square at the end of the session. All these rooms must be on the same floor as the dis- secting room, and this, of course, should also communicate with the preparing room in the basement by an elevator. Dissecting. — Price Of Zofran Which method of dissecting shall we fol- low, the systematic or the regional ? This is the first question requiring decision, and it were better that the matter were fairly weighed and not left to custom to settle. First, I would lay down the principle that whichever method is to be pursued the student Zofran Ondansetron should be made to pass an examination on the Odt Zofran bones of the part he is to dis- sect before being Zofran 4 Mg allowed to touch a scalpel. An accurate knowledge of the bones is an absolute essential to all good anatomy, and no superficial knowledge should be accepted. The student should be required to mark r.ccurately in chalk the bony attachment of each muscle and ligament ; to know the position and relations of the epiphyseal lines ; to acquire a broad idea of the times of ossification ; and to recognize bony prominences under the skin. Ho should know the Cost Zofran skull bones thoroughly both sci)aralely and articulated, and should get u[) MS a basis of more rational knowledge every foramen .nnd wli.it passes through it. No student who fails to take (ifty per ciiit. in ,'i ligid luiictical examiu.ilion Nov. 3, 1894.1 KEILLER: TEE TEACBISG OF AS ATOMY. 547 OD the bones of his part should be allowed to commence dissecting till be has mastered them. Tt is absolutely im- possible to read the muscles intelligently till the bones Zofran Price are perfectly familiar. So important do I consider the skeleton that Zofran 4mg I consider a private di.sartieulated set of bones as neces- sary to each student as his books ; but a bone library will be the next best thing to supply the deficiency, and each student should be taught to mark the Zofran 8 Mg muscles on the bones as he reads from the diagrams in his books or from painted bones under glass in the bone room. Col- ored chalks are the best thing to Zofran 4 use (blackboard chalks, not chalk pencils), and the old marks may be readily re- moved by a little Ondansetron Zofran hydrochloric acid. I object to the systematic method of dissectinij, where the student first disserts the muscles, with little or no atlen tioD to vessels and nerves, and makes a second dissection of Zofran Iv vessels and ner\'cs, and I prefer the regional method, and

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