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that for the following reasons : 1. With i)roper i)reparation of the bodies it is not neces- sary that the zoloft street value student zoloft 100 mg street value should hurry over his work that the part may be got oflE the table. There is no reason why a part should not keep well for six months or more. Speed, t'lcn, is no argiinunt in favor of the systematic method. 2. The systematic method involves a great waste of material. This may not matter where material is unlim- ited, but is an insuperable objection where bodies are short of the demand. 1 believe that deficiency in material gave rise to the regional method of dissecting. 3. The systematic mcthoil begets a careless habit of dissecting. It is scarcely possible to teach the student to disregard vessels and nerves in his first dissection and at the same time to clean his muscles buy zoloft online canada thoroughly, while in his .second dissection it is impossible to thoroughly clean vessels and nerves, removing all cellular tissue and fat from around them and defining them, without cleaning the muscles, and this involvi-s careless work or waste of time. That one may get a proper view of any muscle it is necessary to thoroughly remove its fascia i)ropria ; to get a proper idea of a vessel's relations it must be studied when as little disturbed as possible and also when thoroughly cleaned. Noiliiiig so trains the hand to good surgery as careful dis meeting; liiercforc let us teach our students to work care- fully, thorouglily, and aceurately from the beginning. 4. The systi'inatic method does not so thoroughly fix the relations of the ])arlH in tiie student's mind lus the re- gioruil method. Tlie rrlatiim.s of \\\m purls to each oilier is the very fmindation of the regionni methi)d ; every stop in the di-iNi'i-tion reipiires tin- oliservation of a relation, .\nd tlie relations of parts to caih other and to the surfai'c of the body are at once the most iniportanl and nicist diHiiMilt of rerollcctinn niiicing anatoniii'ul generic zoloft online facl.H. For the ai'(|i)iNi- tion of Hucli knowlciige generic zoloft sale there is n cnmpariMon between buy generic zoloft online the two niethoilN, the regional being by far the best. Were time, patienre, and the NUpply of ImhIIcm unlimited, cheap zoloft no prescription the best way to get up niintoinr might be, tirsi, to disnect the Ixxly NVKtemnticnlly, then by regiims, then to study it liy sec tioiis, and lastly to make n iierioN of diweellonN to expowe important nurgicnl zoloft 300 mg daily HtructurrH. Itut "art in long and lime is fleeting," so we must acquire the most knowledge possi- ble in the shortest time. 5. While it is undoubtedly easier to acquire anatomical facts by systematic dissection, it does not follow that the knowledge thus obtained is longest remembered ; on the contrary, I feel sure street value zoloft 100mg that the slow and laborious dissection of the body by regions will impress the facts on the stu- dent's mind more indelibly than any other method. 6. By regional dissection the student sees the parts as nearly as possible such as he shall meet them in zoloft 300 mg a day the operat- ing room. Therefore I would have him examine each re- ' gion as carefully as possible when the parts are least dis- turbed. The axilla should be cleared of its fat and zoloft online order the main relations studied before the pectoralis major is re- flected ; the cubital fossa and popliteal space should be studied before the front of the arm and back of the thigh have the skin reflected from them. The next question for decision is how, in a strictly does zoloft come 150 mg tablets graded two-years' course of anatomy, to best divide the subject. My present method is to make my juniors get up the whole arm and leg (including bones, joints, and soft parts) and the bones of the trunk and head. This, where only two hours dailjr are given to the subject, leaves only a little time over at the end for revision (our session is seven months), but if zoloft price comparison I had any time over I would give a superfi- cial sketch of the thoracic and abdominal organs to prepare them for their lectures on practice of medicine and surgerv in the second year. In generic zoloft online pharmacy no prescription the second year they get up the buy generic zoloft online no prescription trunk, head, and neck, brain, eye, and ear, and the elements of em- bryology. This was the division of the subject made by the Koyal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, Ivlinburgb, for their first and second professional examinations, except, of course, that in the second examination the whole body was included, and I have adhered to it. I think it the best di- vision for i took 300 mg of zoloft the following reasons: The anatomy of the ex- tremities is especially suited to juniors because it is very definite and easily verified by dissection. There is noth- ing so fixed and definite and readily demonstrable about the abdomen and thorax, and while it would be well that the student should as (piickly as possible master these re- gions to prepare him for his physiology, etc., still I feel confident that they do not afford the same field for aocu- rirte training in anatomical methods as the extremities do. Then the head and neck are too hard for zoloft online pharmacy no prescription the junior. To carry out my method of teaching 1 have found it best to appoint two juniors to each arm ami leg, zoloft 300 mg per day two seniors to iho trunk, and two seniors to the head ami neck. Tho brains I remove immediately after the bodies are injected, hanlen them, and give does zoloft have street value them to the seniors to dissect later on. The two iiioii on the trunk dissect opposite sides, those on the heail di.>
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